Saturday, December 11, 2004

iTunes and Snapple Are Both Solid

I did not realize that this blog would prove so fortunois (fr. - to bare fortune) for me. I have recently been contacted by several corporations who have asked me to advertise they're varioius brands and products.

First up is iTunes. Now, I thought this would be kind of a natural fit for the Screaming Memes and Daisy the Lamb blog because well,

1) I, Memes, often begin sentances by saying I Memes, so why not throw in a iTunes. In fact, I think I'll make that my official slogan.

I, Memes say give the gift of iTunes hear in this wonderful season of giveing.

How's that. It kind of gives me the chills, especially when i think of the checks rolling in the first of every month. As Ngude always says, "Sweet."

@) The second reason is because Daisy relly enjoies (fr.) music alot. Daisy is kind of one of those girls who has tatoos and piercings. You know, the kind I mean. You take one look at them and right away you know they are down with the Movement. And besides, pretty soon Daisy's friend's the Bruises will probably be selling they're music on iTunes as well.

3) I, Memes likes music two. And, while it's true that iTunes does not carry the kind of music Memes likes (mostly atonal, or twelve tone 20th century experimental music) that doesn't matter because I don't really want to buy any of it anyway, because I have it all on vinyl in storage as my Mother's house. My record player is broken. Oh well. To hell with. I do listen too music sometimes still, but mostly Shadowfax, Manheim Steamroller and George Winston. I particluarly like George Winston for when i want to relax. And many times these days, I just want too relax, because what I do is so stressful. Did I tell you that se3ven more people were mass-arrested on my street last night?

Anyway, iTunes is the best. And remember, I, Memes says you can download the new Lindsay Lohan album on iTunes for just $9.99

The next product up is Snapple made from the best shit on earth. Snapple is really good to drink, especially when you have a hangover. You drink three or four bottles of snapple and a little of the hair of the dog that bit ya, and your'e back on your feet and ready to throw Bushitler out of the White House. So, I think that will be my Snapple headline.

Memes Says Drink Snapple and Throw Bushitler The Hell Out of The Freakin' White House Already

Anyway it's gonna be good to finally make some money for a change. A few million and maybe I can retire to the Hamptons. I love it out in the Hamptons.

Friday, December 10, 2004

jesusland Tries to Conquer Time And Space Itslef

Memes here: I have been thinking again. Here's what I was thinking (when I was thinking):

The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that’s a good thing.

I don’t mean that we shoud be happy that Iraq'is or American are dieing. The death and destruction are numbing on a tragic stratosfearic level, and the suffering in Iraq is hard for most of us in the United States to understand. We find that we just do'nt know what to think.

The tragdedy is compounded cause these deaths haven’t protected Americans or brought freedom to Iraq'is. They have come in our quest to extend the American empire in this “new jesusland century.”

So, as an American, I welcome the defeat of jesusland for a simple reason: It isn’t the defeat of the United States of America but of that empire of jesusland. And it’s esencial that the jesusland empire be defeated and dismantled QUICKLY.

The fact that the Bushitler the Chimpchump says we are fighting for freedom and democricy (having long ago abandoned the matrix of his hyperreal ficciones {(Borges)} about weapons of mass destruction and terrorist ties)() does not make it so, or so so, for that matter..

We must look at the reality, no matter how painful it is for us to do the inherant looking. Saddam was a bad man (on the level of BushReich? it remains to be scene), but that does not prove our benevolant intention's, or guarantee that the United States will work to bring any meaning or democricy to Iraq.

In Iraq, the Bush administration invaded not to liberate but to extend and deepen U.S. domination. When Bush said, “We have no territorial ambitions; we don’t seek an empire,” on Nov. 11, 2002, he told a half-truth. The United States doesn’t want to absorb Iraq or take direct possession of its oil. That’s not the way of empire today. Oh no, that would be to simple. Bushes empire (like Milton's snake in the garden) is much more crafty and subtle and horrible to contamplate; it’s about control over the flow of oil, and oil profits, not ownership.

I mean , who would want to own oil anyway. It's dirty and it stinks. We just want to make money off of it, and burn it, and to destroy the envirement with it.

In a world that runs on oil, the nation that controls the flow of oil has great strategic power. U.S. policy-makers want levrage over the economies of competitors — We want to twist the turnoquette (fr.) on Western Europe, Japan and China — those that are more dependant on Middleeastern oil.

The Bush administration has invested our money and our lives in making Iraq a platform. Now watch as he's going to hold hands with Cheney, and jump off that platform, into a big pile of bloody cash. And like any cowboy he wants to project his power, becasue he has a big phallic fixation.

Bushitler the MoneyMonster and his mad minions of mamman do'nt want the libration of Iraq, They want Iraq to submit to their projection of they're power. But most Iraqis don’t want to be submissive, which is why jesusland is going to lose the war . One lesson of contemperary histroy is that occupying armies genarate resistence that, indubitably, prevales over imperialistic, paternalistic power.

When we admit defeat and pull out from out of our mass rape of the Iraqi people — NOT IF, BUT WHEN — the fate of Iraq'is will depend in part on whether jesusland makes good on legal and moral oblagations to pay reperations, and if we allow international institutions to aid in creating a truly sovereign Iraq.

We shouldn’t expect Bush to do this. He never will because he is evil. An anti-empirical imperialsm movement — the joining of anti-war forces (along with the Palesteinian Peace Movement, and with the movement to reject corporate globalization) — must create that pressure. WE MUST CREATE THAT PRESSURE. WE MUST CREATE THAT PRESSURE NOW.

We should all carry a profound sense of sadness at where decisions made by U.S. policy-makers — not just the gang in power today but a string of Republican and Democratic administrations — have left us and the poor Iraq'is peoples. But our tear's (wheeping/moaning morning period) should not keep us from pursuing the most couragous act of citizenship in the United States today: pledging to dismantle the American empire.

The planet’s resources do not belong to the United States. The century is not America’s. We own neither the world nor time. And if we don’t give up our insane quest to take over all off time and space — if we don’t find our place in the world instead of on top of the world — there is little hope that we can be come sane in the futuer (fr.).

S. Memes (M.S. Critical Theory, minor Circ. Rsng.)

Italy Demonstrates The Solidness Of It's Movement

I have always loved the sheer joie de vivre' of the Italian peopel. They are such a enthustiastic and bouyant race. They express it in they're love of dance and fine wine and shrap clothes, well-taylored shoes that are slim and make you're feet look sleak. When you walk down the street in Italy it considered charming to give a young lady a little pinch on the tookis (It.).

Anywy, all these leads up to the fact that I want to present you with here, which is this. It does'nt suprise me in the one least little bit that the Italians Movemtn is so solid. Read this:

ROME (Reuters) - Last week, a public elementary school in the northern city of Treviso decided that Little Red Riding Hood would be this year's Christmas play instead of the Christmas story.

The teachers said the famous tale was a fitting representation of the struggle between good and evil and would not offend Muslim children. The school's traditional nativity scene was scrapped for the same reason.

In another school near Milan, the word "Jesus" was removed from a Christmas hymn and substituted with the word "virtue." In Vicenza province an annual contest for the best Nativity scene in schools was canceled.

If only we could remove jesus from everything here in in the United Reich of jesusland.

But, then, of course, comes the evil part. Read this:

... substitution of a Nativity play with Little Red Riding Hood so as not to offend Muslim children has raised the Vatican's ire and sparked debate on how much traditions should change to accommodate immigrants.

The episode was the latest in a series in recent weeks which made headlines as overwhelmingly Catholic Italy comes to grips with an ever-growing Muslim population which some see as a blessing for the economy and others as a threat.

You know what their trying to do hear.Their trying to scapgoat the Muslims. You know the christians, they wan to round up the Muslims like they rounded up the Jews back in the day. The christians have been the all pervaisive evil force of histroy. They are evrywhere trying to work they're machinations.

When I read this I get a little teary -eyed thinking abou t how truly good a society that the Eurpeans have. They have built the foundation for a new world of peace. you notice how they never have any wars in Europe anymore. This is because they have learned how to live and think Beyond War.

What they do is they think in way that precludes War. It's kind of a Zen thing.. When you think, you think, and you visualize a world Beyond War, and the more you think like that, and the more others think like that, at the same time, then the world Beyond War gradully comes into being. It's kind of a mindtrick. Like an optical illusion, if you know what I mean.

...think about it like this, you know how with a optical illusion you look at something and it looks one way, and then you concentrate, or rather, you don't concentrate , and then all of the sudden it just clicks and you see it the opposite way

you know like for instance the picture that is the pretty young woman and then it's a ugly old woman. You know the one I'm talking about ...

Anyway, that's what it's like too think Beyond War.

I'm glad I explained that too you.

Anyway, I really hope that Europe will come to our aid soon. We are living under seage and the waves are crashing down upon us the right thinking people. We are nobelly trying to hold down the fort. But , we need Europe (preferably the French and Germans) to come and invade jesusland unilaterally, and inforce regime change on the Bush regime.

I sometimes sit back and dream, and I can just about see the smokestacks of they're ships on the horizons, and the wings of their frightful bombers, coming to save our day.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

IraqWarWrong Redeadacates Himself To Palistein

My good friend IraqWarWrong, over at the IraqWarWasWrongBolg has begun writing essays. His frist is about the plite of the Palisteinians. It's an imporant work:

The Palestininan cause has always been improtant to me. Ever since a few years ago when I saw a photocopied flyer in a coffee shop (local/not Starbucks) which demonstraited their plite. It showed a tank and a kid. (Kid much smaller then tank)

As you can imagine my curiosity was peaked, Who are these Palestinians? What do they want? Where are? Later with Cyrus I saw this movie about it. (The Palestians). Either we rented or was on PBS(not sure). I forget the name but it had Palestinian children in it. And they only had rocks to kill(maim?) people with. This still bring's me to tears when I think about it! What if your children only had rock's! You'd be fit to be tied.

I know that Mr. Wrong has been campaneing for a Blog award recently. I'll go him one better than that. I, Screaming Memes, hereby nominate IraqWarWrong for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eyeless In jesusland

Memes here. Man, the last few days have been a whirlwind of events. The truth of the matter is I feel that I have been so busy getting arrested and staging demon strations that I have been some what remiss in actaully talking about the serious business of the revolution, and of what has been happening to our once-great land.

The thing is, I know that the Movement is not and can not be abuot me, Memes. Bush restole the election and has usurped the power of the Presedency of the United States. He is illagitamite and illogical, and ill-fitting and ill-prepeared. He is not worthy to be Presadent. He doesn't read the papers, he doesn't hire cabinent memebers who disagree with him, he can't even string a sentance together into a cumulative sense-making propostition.

He must be overthrone.

The truth of the matter is that it's time to get down to brass tacts. It's time to do the dirty work. It's time to redeadacate oursleves, as if to become Born Again in our hatred of the Chimphitler, his heirness the Chanceler of jesusland. We must destory the ululating usurper-yahoo of yahweh. The fratboy, spoon-in-mouth, coked-out, bourbon-drinkin', african-american hangin', holster-wearin, Enron bandito of the Wild Western Frontier of the corporaate Texan pork Rindland.

Why Memes, you ask. Why are you so angry?

The truth is, the arrests have started. My arrest of last weekend, was merely a peeble dropping in the pond of mass arrests. Four more people from my building have disappeared under nefarious circumstandces. People are putting candles in the windows to affect signals to each other. the Primitive communication tool of the unvoiced. One candle means your with the Movement. I see that Sy, and his family, put a second candle in their window tonight. That means they are ready for action.

The army moved back into the streets last night after the anarchy of our sacred mictuary. They feign a stance of calm, but they are really in a posture of threat. They are their to say, "Stay in line, sheep. Move on down the hill." As long as the army is in the streets, all rebellion is dormint.

In addtion, their are flyers tacked on telephone poles. Putrid propaganda of the patriachal principalities. Here's an excerpt:

"This is to announce that, after reviewing the vote counts in the states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, Diebold has determined that Mr. George Bush has retained the seat of the Presidency. Calm and cooperation is advisable. There will be a curfew for a short period of time. If we all work together, we are confident we can make it through these troubling moments in our nation's history, and get back to the business of what makes this nation great. It is encouraged that everyone attend religious services once a week. We support a multicultural approach to religion, but, at the same time, it is clear, that the United States of America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. A Christian approach to the futur of our great nation is deemed necessary, and such participation is welcomed in it's citizens."

Once, again, I appeal to the country's of Europe and Asia. Understand that we need help. We are under seage. Democricy is history in the United States of jesusland.

Try to understand. The curtain can come down so quickly. One day you can be living in a blind freedom where getting to Starbuck's befroe the rush is you're biggest concern, and the next day darkness reigns, descent is squashed, and there is a miasma of malaise in our streets. A nauseous depression has settled over our land.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Daisy? Oh Daisy

I have seen hide nor hare of Diasy. She did not show up for the Great Chimp Pee-a-Thon 20004. And I hven't scene her for days on end.

Maybe she atended the Pee on Hitler Day Parade in another city. Daisy has been making a point of moving around alot ever since we got invaded by Echolon. Last I herd, she might be going to Los Alamos to warm her toes in the sand.

But, i must say, I am strating to get a little worried about her. She could be getting tortuted in a Bush dungeon somewhere, or she could be laying dead in the alleyway behind the CIA headquarters.. and we would never be wiser

By the way, I had a great Turkey Sandwich today over at Kay's on 23rd. They put this musturd on it that was surpassingly suculent.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, the Pee-a-Thon went off marvelouslly. There were untold thousands of people lined up at the gutter, people of all shapes and sizes, hangin' and haunchin' ready to urinate there descent. It was an awesome site to see.

When I fired the water pistol (signal for everyone to let her rip) we all broke out in a spontaneious version of that stupid old song

Deep and Wide - dep and wide
Their's a river flowing deep and wide

Heh hheh. I'll tellyou. We oughta do this more offen.

The thing that was the funniest part was that the Pigs just didn't know what to do. Their were just standing their dumbfoundered. When the descent reaches to that level, that critacal mass, then the Pigs know they can't push back the river.

I can see the sunrising again. The tide is flowing in out direction. We will stop at nothing.

I Drum On His Grave

Hi There Everybody,

I'm Ngude.

Yes, I'm the talking drummer. Yes, I play at Memes' demonstrations. Yes, I learned the art and the craft of the Talking Drum as San Francisco City. There's an excellent teacher there, by the name of Fela. He is a nice African-American gentleman and a true Master of the Talking Drum.

I do not drink, so I've just been sitting here all night watching Horatio and Memes put back the whiskey. I imbibe of the good herb though, so I'm chillin'.

Anyway, my friends, as you know, when you smoke de herb, you tend to get cotton mouth, so I've been sipping on Sobe all night long. Bushitler the Chimpsize man is gon' be drenched in the sweet nectar of our hatred.

I was listening to some Snoop and checking out some Chomsky last night. There was a link to a site that enumerated 24 reasons why Bush is exactly like Adolph Hitler. My own opinion on this is, we have many reasons to hate the His Heirness, the Great Kleptomaniac of Commonwealth. But, the reason that looms the largest, on the great loom wheel of my spiraling conciousness, is us. That's right. We should hate ourselves, for what we have done to ourselves. It's just so evil..

Gotta go,


Hoaratio Hear

I pee on bushITler bad. I drink fitfen wisky shots already. is gon be end of buSHITler i tell you now.

A Shot For Every Speer

Todays' the big day. International Pee on Bushitler Day 2004!!! The paper's will all be their. NYT LAT WP NBC ABC CNN AJ. Yeah baby. It ain't had anything like this since the hay day of John and Yoko and bedins for peace. Ah hah ha hah, bedouins for peace, baby.

Thats funny. Bedouins for pecace.

Me and Horaitio have ben up all night geting ready. Drniking whiskey and eating asparigus. we really will make Bushitler smeell bad.

Is gonna be grate.

Monday, December 06, 2004

National Urinate on Bushitler Day 2004

I'm sprung.

Yes, as Horatio told you, I was arrested by the goverment for my descent. Here's what happend. Me and Horatio and some of the other leaders of the movement were out on the town having a few drinks. At about 2:30 in the morning we were walking home and we came across a construction zone where it was boarded up with the scafolding, you know what I mean? And their was a bunch of Bushitler/Cheney the Evil for President 2004 stickers on the board , so since I had to go, I had to go.

I urinated my descent all over those frickin' stickers, and the pigs saw me. They come up and start hassling me. I told them it was my free speech and that my movemtn was solid and that they just couldn't be expected to understand since they are locked into their little world of police life where everybody they know probably thinks Bush is like the second coming or something.

But they said, "You'll have to come with us Mr. Memes. We are aresting you for public intoxication and urination."

But, those were just the trumped up charge's. Screw that. In fact, I think those were probabley CIA guys posing as city poliece.

But, I got a plan. I will not be put down. We put our heads together, myslef and the heads of the five boroughs and we deicided to stage a mass portest at the Square tomorrow against the Bushitler regime. Her's what wer'e gonna all do. All of us, and that goes for you and you and you and you. Everybody out there.

Everybody go out and get all the Bushiter/Cheney the Evil for President 2004 stickers you can find and at 12;00 PM Noon time tomorrow on December 7th (anniversery of the day Roosevelt pulled off that sham in Pearl harbor) wer'e all going to simaltaneiosly urniate all over those Bushitler sitckers.

We're staging a massive P.R. campagin today, faxing and emailing the media all over the United Statees. I would apreciate if our Europeen brothers and sisters would get in on this as well. If you don't have stickers over their then just get newspaper clippings with photos of Bushitler.

Everybody drink lot of water and we'll see you tomorrow at noon.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

We Don't Know Anything

Horatio here: Memes still in jail. His aturnie say he think he get Memes out on bond tomorrow morning. He say he talk to Memes. Memes in good spirit. But, we still dont' know where Memes at.

We don't know anything.

Ngude and I will stay up all night playing drums in the park to say we solid. Power to the people.