Saturday, November 13, 2004

Do We Really Want People To Read This?

I don't know what to think , about this. Because I want to get the word out about what Bush is doing here in the former America/land of the free (read: jesusland). But the thing is , do we relly want readers? For god's sake (just a figurine of speach) , the more people who read what is happening, the more likley George Bush will have Daisy and I asassinated.

What happened was Andrew Sullivian (i think hes' an Armenian discent) link3d to us and called Screaming Memes a "brillain't little blog". Well, that's all fine and dandy, if your not sharing improtant (life vs. death/eros vs. thanatos) content such as we are doing here.

We are trying to get word out that George Bush is turning America (jesusland) into a Totalatarian christian Police State. He has tanks in the street, dogs on a leash, Secret servants men with bibles, rain every other day, Dick Cheney with a gun in his pants. and all manner of other nefarious doings, all because he wants to inrich HalleBurton.

We know that which to what you are up (thats' the proper conjugation of the preposition) George bush (chimp) and it's not even funny. Shame on you George bush, shame shame shame.

New Rules for Commentors (for yoru own good)

Alright people, this is getting alittle rediculous. This is (back in good old days, I remember well) something we veterens have encountered previosly on iraqwarwrong's blog. This is the problem of: Anonymouses postings. If you post as anonymous and intend to never come back (because you are a dhinger or reputzi and can't take the HEAT) then maybe that fine. BUT. If you are planning on being a regular? Why not then pick a name (appleation) and use it all the time. Like when you call a friend, say his name is Lenny, on the phone you don't say "Hi Lenny what's up this is Anonymous!" You say your name. So he know who you are.

But I was thinking maybe we could have a little introduction time? Like remember when in grade school you stood up, told name and what you did over the summer? Let's just all introduce ourselves (please do not use real names though for own safties) and give one bit of (not too informative though) information about ourself. I'll start.

My name is Daisy (false moniker) and relly like these little lemon sorbey thingies (sour but tasty, from Germany (wanted to support old allie)) I just bought from Aldi's.

You're turn!

Improtant Update - Visual Representaions

(Just noticed) Our comrade in arm Grimace has taken it apon himself to create graphical illustratinos for us.

illustraton one (1)

illustraiton two (2)

These are both RELLY great (HIGH quaility imagery also relly liked symbolism in Obama one of circle with line drawed through it) Is it maybe possible that we could, potentally, take up funds for making t shirts out of these? Everybody think about it and get back to us (about t shirts).

SODA Not Shopping in Chicago

I was recently, in Chicago (for shopping trip/had to find season musthaves like ( which mean reputzi girl seems to think stupid and shows high degree intollarance) poncho). And I was walking just along the sidewalk? And this couple (forein, had accent not sure where from) (but not diverse i.e. darker skin so maybe euro) stopped me wanting me to take picture. I say yeah sure why not. Than I think, wait stop. Who are these people? That I don't know anything about. Maybe they are bush supporters, I do'nt even know. Have ask first before I am going to be taking their picture for them (consider myself very principaled)!

So I say to the couple "Excuse me jsut curious. Did you pull lever Kerry or Bush in this last election just now?" They look confused. Man said "Sorry, we are not American." Then his lady friend (wife? partner? sister? I don't like to assume just incase) added quickly "But we will support your president."

Then I say "WOW you guys relly dropped the ball here this time (gave camera back to man at this point/ was NOT going to take picture) Not only could you have applied for absente ballets (like said on TIWWWB see click here) but foreiners are SUPPOSED to know better than to support current faschist dictator Bush. Have'nt you heard everything about Hallieburton? Didn't you care about Iraqie peoples??" I rellly went off on them. But then.

I mean I was just (mostly) trying to get through to them (and maybe they take wisdom back to their land?) so I did'nt think it was any cause, for hostilaty? But apparantly they did. Foreiners actually flagged down policeperson (was a man but effort to do away with sexist lables here) and I got yelled at. By police! Obviosly I was'nt having any of that and I defyied policeperson to tell me I was wrong (cited many examples of evil bushisms from this and the Iraq War Was Wrong Blog websights) but he just told me to walk away. Walk away from what? I said. From the wrongness of what this entire American nation has become? This is supose to be a Blue state! I say (voice getting higher, was emotional). In the end I did walk away (physiclly but not in principal) but defanitly noticed police people watching me carefully as I did.

Maybe it was foolish (a little) of me to be so brasen in public about my discent (since my house is being under survaleance - saw multiple dogwalkers other day) but I just couldn't help it. I am relly going to try and keep my "cool" better, from now on. Who knows, who is keeping track (of my discent)...

p.s. SODA is anachronism for "Squishing Of Discent Again" more of which episodes can be found at TIWWWB.

Goverment Troops "Protect" Holiday Tree

We are seeing more and more of this kind of thing in the streets of our cities here in the United States of jesusland. Thanks you to Mr. Skor Grimm for giving me that picture of the goverment troops "protecting" a holiday tree.

The tree is, of course, a symbol of Bush's christianity. So, just like when he first invaded Iraq, the first thing he did was roll up to the oil company and steal the keys to the oil wells (leaving hundreds of thousand of "art-of-facts" lying around to be stolen from the national mauseum) ,

just like that, (the same thing), the first thing he protects in our city in the stupid freakin' "holiday" tree.

The intellectuals and I , from the Bagdad Cafe are planning a little terrorist intervention of our own tonight. Holly (she is a woman - one of the intellectuls) is going to dress up like Pam Anderson (totalatarian-approved modal) and distract the goverment troops by falshing her breast at them. Then, we are going to hang a gigantic orniment of George Bush as a chimp, dressed up in Nazi regalia, on the stupid frickin "holiday" tree.

This kind of protest falls in a long tradition of absurdest discent. Protest like these are the only thing that will save us now. They've got the bombs and the Reinmaker, all we've got at our disposal is our absurdity.

Bush is slowly establishing his Totalatarian christian police state, by inches at a time. First , we saw the tanks, and then the weather started to change, and then the men with dogs, and then the goverment agencts preaching jesus on the street corners,

and then, most sadly of all, the asassination of Chairman Arafat (tears , a little bit, I must admit, music like from Schindler's List).

I am hoping that our freinds in Europe will rellize what is happening to us and come over and help us please.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Tanks Have Landed Again - Ive Got Video To Prove It To My Self

See I told you so. Here's video.

These are not the same tanks that landed in my city the day after Bush re-stoled the election. Those tanks were loud rumbling like a wall of death across the land scape of my city, scaring me and all the children in the streets.

There were pigeons flying in mass chaos , just crapping all over the place, like a white rein of fear.

In this video the tanks are oddiously quiet. Do you notice that? You can here the people talking over them even as the tank takes off and rounds the corner. It's almost like the evil Bush regimen has invented a whole new wave of tanks, wtihtout even telling us. It seems like they have very- ultra quiet Lexus/Nissan motors in them. This is disturbing to say the least.

But, theres one thing thats the same about this tank as every other tank in the world. That is its erect turret threatening death upon all thesse protestors (discent is patriotic) . It's frightening what could have happend.

Just look at the malcontent glare in the soldiars eyes as they glare at the discenters . You can tell they want to kill them for there evil master.

I feel vindicated because I know there were some people out there who did not believe me when I said tanks had landed in my city. Now, I have prroof.

Before I had to content my self with the fact that only the good people of Europe of France and Germany seemed to rellize just what kind of Totalatarian christian jesusland Bushitler had created here in the United States.

An Evil Neocon Blog

Leo Strauss breathed life into an evil philosphy of pseduo-idealism a few years back, and now we've got all the neocons (Perle, Worlowitz, Cheney (( the man behind the curtian, I'm pretty sure he's a neocon)) ) running around saying we've got to take over the whole world.

We know what they're real agenda is. We will not be made fools of.

If you do not know what I am talking about , just think about who it is that they killed first (Arafat, incase you hadnt herd) after Bush re-stoled the election process.

Anyway, I bumped across this evil neocon blog (CUANAS) last night when I was googling "Neocons are evil" just so I could keep up one step ahead of all the evil that's being perpetrated.

I'm currantly (french spelling) looking into ways to hack this monsters blog and replace it with my own.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Convenient Death

They killed Arafat.

I am very emotional now. I have not been out of the house in over a day. I think I cited that nice lady who threatedned me the other day. And I relly did not feel like having a confrontation with her, so I decided to stay in and invite Horatio and a few others guys over to watch the new DVD of Farhenheit 911.

When the DVD was over we turned on the news to find that Arafat has been killed. No one seemd to know the cause of death. Or at least thats what they say.

The truth is probably that George Bush has had him killed. Think about it. George Bush put something like 1000 "murderers" to death in Texas, and you know he thinks that Arafat was a murdereer so why wouldn't he have had Arafat killed? It's the Texas way. As they say in Texas, "he needed killin'."

It's too convenient that Arafat was killed right after Bush re-stoled the election.

There are several theories making the rounds as to how Bush killed Arafat. The first is that he had him implanted with a exploding kaffiyeh (Arafat's religious head covering - looks like a table cloth in an italian restraunt.),,. This would be consistent with how it was when the CIA tried to kill Castro with an exploding cigar, only to miss.

another theory is that they had a special reclining electric chair created which kind of looked like a hospital bed. This theory seems plausible because it is consisstent with the chimps modus operandi , like when he killed all those people in Texas with an electric chair.

But , the most intersting theory I have heard posited is that the CIA, and some friends who shall re main nameless, used secret Israeli mind-control methodologies to make Arafat become homosexual, so that he would have sex with his body guards and contact AIDS , killing him instantaneoulsly.

We shall see just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Welcom Back Old Friend

I am very happy to say this to you. IraqWarWrong is back reporting for doody at the IraqWarWasWrongBlog.

We need men like him in the momentous times, (postpostmodern), afterwhen Bush restoled the electoral process.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Government Has Ordained Jesus

I hurried out side again later today , after eariler going out twice. This time I didn't have to go out because Horatio was faithfull to his word and brought clam chowder, but I was a little antsey and anxious, so I took the chance.

After being threatened by that (Im sure well-meaning ) woman yesterday I have to be cautious. I'm not relly a fraid pear se, it's just I recognize the need for caution. I'm sure you understand.

Anyway, so when I was out walking I noticed a new phenomenon for about the tenth time this week. There are people preaching about Jesus in the street corners. And they hand out their propoganda books (New Testaments plus Psalms) and they talk to people and tell them what to think.

I'm beginning to think now, that these people were not hear last week. They did not start being here like they are now until after Bush restole the election process.

I'm beginning to think, these people are government agencts or some sort or another.

I notice that they use well rehearsed mind control methods, like they put there arms around people and whisper quietly witth there eyes shut. And I see that some times these people are forced (by well executed mind control) to cry and tell the agencts their secrets.

I'm starting to think about this, it looks like maybe we are in the beginning stages of a descending evil. a totalatarian christian Police State.

We Need Some Help

My friend, Chongito, submited this to me this morning. I don't know what to think. This is frigtening

Hey Memes,
Obviously I'm sending this through our personal email,
since we are friends and live in the same area, and we
share so many concerns. I have something you may be
intersested in posting to your concerned

I have been reading about the Reignmaker adn maybe I
missed it, but did you see that
in Florida they posted
a billbored about Bush being responsible for all the

3 in row?

Right before the election? in
a state that

1)his brother runs, and

B)He barely stole
from Gore in the last election!

Also what about everybody getting sick? I almost
don't want to leave my house 'cause at work, like 4
people were sick this week! And what do you think the
'REAL' story is with the 'SHORTAGE' of flu vaccine is?

They say only the old and the vary young can get the
vaccine, why?

Well of course old people voted for
Bush, and the young can still be brainwashed! Then
they can spred this Government Flu to us, the thinking
just because we don't don't support a

Just because we are smarter than this Texas
redneck, no offense to 'Intelegent Texans' I know
there's some of you out there! At least one or two
people from Texas voted against him. I'm sorry, I'm
getting off point here to bash Texans, I don't mean
to, but he did come from your state.

We are in big trouble here. I hope the American
people don't take to long to figure this out. We may
need help from our freinds in Europe, maybe France,
they get it, maybe they can talk some sence into our
leaders, maybe help us inpeach Bush. We're going to
need help....

A Narrow Excape

I've been laying low ever since last night , when I recieved that threat from that dhinger chick.

You don't like what I have to say, you damn well don't have to read it. You seem to have made up your mind about me, and that's fine. But a little fair warning:Consider it BROUGHT, punkass. And watch your back.

I'm not hiding relly, quite. Just you know , being safe, cautious in my apartment. I look out the blinds once in a while. There was a woman standing acrsos the street for a little while, wearing some skanky outfit, looked like it could have been a disguise of some sort. I'v e never seen her in my niehgbor hood before.

I snuck out for a little while down to the Bagdad Cafe to talk to the intellectuals and tell them about my perdicament. Horatio said he would check in on me once in a while and bring me clam chowder soup and bread. Part of me is enjoying the romance of this, I am somewhat embarassed to say that but like Bukowski I will tell you only what is true.

But trully, there is nothing romantic here. Cuz, check it out. What happened next is frightening.

I called the police at 911 and started to report the dhinger chick's threat, but there was a strange clicking on the line, so I hung up real quick . And then they started calling back and letting the phone ring forever. finally i picked it up. It was them.

How did they know my number?

They asked me if I was ok , I said "no" and then realized that was the wrong answer. "Yes, I'm fine." They didn't believe me. "We'll be there shortly. we have a car in the niehgbor hood."

Yes, of course they have a car in the nieghbor hood. How convenient? That's what we have to be afraid of here.

So, I once again was forced to leave my apartment. I ducked down an alleyway, and hightaled it back to Bagdad and told Horatio what was going on. He took me to his apartment to hide out for a while. We made grilled cheese sandwiches and sipped jasmine tea. Never has anything tasted so good in my life.

Anyway, I am back in my apartment now, and everything is fine so far.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Wings Of Desire Director Expresses His Solidness With We Who Are Living Under Oppression

The German Film Director Wim Wenders , (pronounced in the elegant german way, "Vim" because his movies have so much vim ), is on our side. He was on TV the other night and check this out. It's great:

There was [German film director Wim] Wenders, who was enraged. He said that he would not be able to stand another 4 years of Bush in his “Wahlheimat” [chosen home], that he was proud of Germany – and that the United States is a fundamentalist and totalitarian country.

See that. He knows. He's with us, while we fight it out against the evil one, George Bush, engorged on his on vote count, that he falsified and still somehow believed. George Bush is running wild in the streets, with his will swinging to and fro, arresting people , and looting our country. I feel so a lone sometimes, even though I have my brothers and sitsas wth me, like Daisy, and IWW, and Moses Gunn (revelutionary name) , and The Plimsoul, and Jaco, all my brothas in arms. But I should relly cut my little pitty party short right now

Because the truth is, there's a whole nation raging out there. We are inraged that George Bush stole the election and that he is running wild in the streets with his will, just smashing things, arresting people like theres no tomorrow, and looting our country. And shoving his Christianity down our throats.

Warning : Aurora Borealis Cited - Orange Alert

This has got to be at least an orange alert.

Somebdoy sent me this link

to this web site by this reutzi dhinger b*tch who says their was a aurora boralis in her nieghbor hood last night , and she just waxed all pseudo-like she was a poet about "nature" and "majesty." Dhingers use the lamest words in their "poetry." It's like they 've never even herd of Tupac Shakur or Jack Kerrowac or anything.

Listen to this tripe:

I totally saw the aurora borealis last night, coming home from the pub. Have never seen that before. I am now well impressed with nature and all her majesty, and I think that lusterous display of gloriousness even makes up for the existence of possums.


These things don't just happen, people.

Auror'as are a kind of jungian sign of something wrong in the collective subconcious , something at a very fundamental level is seriously benine. If you had ever read the ancient wisdom of the Native American tribes you would know what I was talking about. George bush's Re-stolation of the electoral process has torn a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum itslef.

I fear for our people and for our land, which come to think of it, we stole.

And besides, what's with the insult to possums.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Bourgeouslaise Affaire

Last night I opined a bottle of fine Bourgeouslaise (can't remember the year) and sat back and drifted into an ethereal state. I let my mind float back back, throught the misty mountains and shadows of the past, and thought over the momentous and forboding events of this past week.

Bush had restoled the election and anacted a war against his own people in the streets of his own cities , where we live. Tanks roaring and soldiers eating power bars like their's nothing to it. Rain from out of no where. People arrested for burning innocent effigies in the street, because they said it was a pagan ritual sacrafice.

After I wass finnished with those thoughts , I floated back even further into the past and recalled fondly the days when I was a visiting contributor to TheIraqWarWasWrongBlog. Those were such innocent times. We never knew how good we'd had it. I'm glad that Daisy, and IraqWarWrong, and Moses Gunn (revelutionary name) have been contributing to my humble project herein. But, it just relly isn't the same.

O, TimeT and Jim, we hardly knew ye. Our nation turns it's lonley eyes to you.

we need you hear my brother in these momentous times. When History is crushing down upon us like a prision rape. George Bush, the evil menace is running wild in the streets like Saruman in his tower , with the eye roving across the land. His secret police are the orcs and wringraiths of our momentous tale.

These are times of a big , gigantic story into which we have all been drawn. Who the story teller is, we can not say.

Let's hope that it is us.

But, we don't relly know much of anything.

I'm going to christen this a new age. This is not postmodernism anymore, becuase postmodernism was a good age, whereinn we were not bound by the limits of truth, but instead we knew the freedom of creative deconstruction, where we all tell the story together in one big wild conjoined cacaphonous orgy.

Oh yeah, sure we had the simulacrum to worry about , but that ain't nothing compared to this.

For now on, these momentous times I shall call the PostPostModern. It's not just the end of Histroy. History died and stood a rotting carcass befroe us and is now permeating our lands with its acrid stench of death. And that death is George Bush The Evil One. The Cruxus of Evil.

I will leave you with a poem,

O my brothers and sisters who now walk the night,
Look up from your frailness, into the red dawn quaking,
We will fight back like that dawn against the dark nightness,
Fight back like purple soldiers of peace and freedom, crashing,

No more will we take this lying down,
But instead we will get up from our knees and stand like men/women,
No, we will take this strongly, as we may be bent over
But we will never break
O We will never break

We need only to reach out and touch each other fingerstips,
which carry our fingerprints, the unique dna of skin
to Know that we all carry the bond of humanity,
what ever the evil that may be upoon us.

As the negroes of the sixties used to say,
Back in there own dark days, (before we recognized them for what they truly are
We shall overcome
We shall
We shall overcome

I hope that neocon Wretchard reads this and that it brings the bile burning to his throat.