Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Government Has Ordained Jesus

I hurried out side again later today , after eariler going out twice. This time I didn't have to go out because Horatio was faithfull to his word and brought clam chowder, but I was a little antsey and anxious, so I took the chance.

After being threatened by that (Im sure well-meaning ) woman yesterday I have to be cautious. I'm not relly a fraid pear se, it's just I recognize the need for caution. I'm sure you understand.

Anyway, so when I was out walking I noticed a new phenomenon for about the tenth time this week. There are people preaching about Jesus in the street corners. And they hand out their propoganda books (New Testaments plus Psalms) and they talk to people and tell them what to think.

I'm beginning to think now, that these people were not hear last week. They did not start being here like they are now until after Bush restole the election process.

I'm beginning to think, these people are government agencts or some sort or another.

I notice that they use well rehearsed mind control methods, like they put there arms around people and whisper quietly witth there eyes shut. And I see that some times these people are forced (by well executed mind control) to cry and tell the agencts their secrets.

I'm starting to think about this, it looks like maybe we are in the beginning stages of a descending evil. a totalatarian christian Police State.


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