Thursday, November 04, 2004

I Don't Know What To Think

Nothing really strange aroudn my city today. I went out for my usual walk this morning and saw no tanks, no soldiers. Nothing. Just the normal people.

I did pass by a park where I saw barbed-wire fence. Well, it wasn't quite barbed wire, but it was just one of those wire fences where if the wire goes hire than the pole and the top of the fence, then it sticks out menacingly sharp at the top.

When I was in Elementary School we had fences like that and one boy was climbing over the fence to get a ball and he got his testicles ripped off by the fence. They were just hanging there. It was sick.

We never saw that boy again. Our teachers said he was too ashamed to return to school. I heard he moved to the Bay Area in California.

Anyway, that fence is a menace and you do have to wonder why they put it up. It wasn't there before. It won't stop me. I will still go to the park if I damn well please.

Another things I saw was a dead bird. It's the second dead bird I've seen in the past two days. Chemicals? Bios?

Daisy's report is interesting and a little unnerving. I'm sure we have all been noticing the strange weather for years. And it just keeps getting stranger. The Day After Tomorrow, the popular Hollywood film, did it's part to get the word out about global warming.

The quick acceleration of the stranggness of the weather does give one pause. You stop and think maybe it's just not just gloabl warming caused by pollutants . Maybe thier is something more to it, like a science project to make a deliberate interruption in the weather or some sort.


UPDATE: I see that Moses Gunn has heard some talk about a weather machine called "THE REINMAKER.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, right. The day afternoon Bush steals the election, then Yaser Airafat dies. Yeah right.

Like Bush didn't kill him.

Do they think we are stupid?

Jerry Mander

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG a Volacno just erupted in Iceland!

Did the Haliburton Reinmaker do this?

10:25 PM  
Blogger moses_gunn said...

Just to make clear: I've no proof of Halliburton's THE REINMAKER.
(We make the live with it.)
but it HASN'T been denied by Halliburton or the White House.

2:19 PM  

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