Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Bourgeouslaise Affaire

Last night I opined a bottle of fine Bourgeouslaise (can't remember the year) and sat back and drifted into an ethereal state. I let my mind float back back, throught the misty mountains and shadows of the past, and thought over the momentous and forboding events of this past week.

Bush had restoled the election and anacted a war against his own people in the streets of his own cities , where we live. Tanks roaring and soldiers eating power bars like their's nothing to it. Rain from out of no where. People arrested for burning innocent effigies in the street, because they said it was a pagan ritual sacrafice.

After I wass finnished with those thoughts , I floated back even further into the past and recalled fondly the days when I was a visiting contributor to TheIraqWarWasWrongBlog. Those were such innocent times. We never knew how good we'd had it. I'm glad that Daisy, and IraqWarWrong, and Moses Gunn (revelutionary name) have been contributing to my humble project herein. But, it just relly isn't the same.

O, TimeT and Jim, we hardly knew ye. Our nation turns it's lonley eyes to you.

we need you hear my brother in these momentous times. When History is crushing down upon us like a prision rape. George Bush, the evil menace is running wild in the streets like Saruman in his tower , with the eye roving across the land. His secret police are the orcs and wringraiths of our momentous tale.

These are times of a big , gigantic story into which we have all been drawn. Who the story teller is, we can not say.

Let's hope that it is us.

But, we don't relly know much of anything.

I'm going to christen this a new age. This is not postmodernism anymore, becuase postmodernism was a good age, whereinn we were not bound by the limits of truth, but instead we knew the freedom of creative deconstruction, where we all tell the story together in one big wild conjoined cacaphonous orgy.

Oh yeah, sure we had the simulacrum to worry about , but that ain't nothing compared to this.

For now on, these momentous times I shall call the PostPostModern. It's not just the end of Histroy. History died and stood a rotting carcass befroe us and is now permeating our lands with its acrid stench of death. And that death is George Bush The Evil One. The Cruxus of Evil.

I will leave you with a poem,

O my brothers and sisters who now walk the night,
Look up from your frailness, into the red dawn quaking,
We will fight back like that dawn against the dark nightness,
Fight back like purple soldiers of peace and freedom, crashing,

No more will we take this lying down,
But instead we will get up from our knees and stand like men/women,
No, we will take this strongly, as we may be bent over
But we will never break
O We will never break

We need only to reach out and touch each other fingerstips,
which carry our fingerprints, the unique dna of skin
to Know that we all carry the bond of humanity,
what ever the evil that may be upoon us.

As the negroes of the sixties used to say,
Back in there own dark days, (before we recognized them for what they truly are
We shall overcome
We shall
We shall overcome

I hope that neocon Wretchard reads this and that it brings the bile burning to his throat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan here, just checking in. I hope you remember me.

We're (Dan & Me) still in Vegas, a red state. No tanks or Patriot Act here. In fact, it's pretty great. I won $263 dollars on a nickle machine!

Not many African (Afro) American (Black people) here either. They should move here. We have overcome.

Love to you (Meme) and IWWWWWW too,

Everywhere, USA (Vegas right now)
Almost-Kerry Voter but Bush (winner) Voting Married Woman (!)

(Oh, I have so much to tell you! IWWWWW said I should be a blogger. Do you want me as part of your reality-based community as a co-guest-contributing-woman-blogger? Say yes, and I will email you for the details. Say no and I will go away forever. I don't want to be a Post a Comment person anymore. I am a very concerned but busy mother and [now!] wife!)

Love again,
Proud Mother of Chad (age 10) since 1994

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice the reputzi did not verbally distribute her love to Daisy The Lamb. There is an ominous sense of evasion in such an omission, and possibly a bit of old-fashioned feminine jealousy.

The television sends secret messages even after you have unplugged. I threw it into the basement and boarded up the door. I shall never descend those stairs again.

The Plimsoul

7:00 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

To clairify: if (always a possibility) Susan would turn back to the Good (left, thinks Iraqie war wrong) side, I would certainly stand with her in sisterhood and soladarity. At this current present time though, I stand (figuritive) only shaking my head in dismay at her voting for Bush. (not a hypocrite here since pulled lever Bush on accident)

8:08 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Screaming Memes Dreams is on the scene,

Dear Susan,
I don't know what to think. About you're generouos offering. Your talents are immentse. But, I'm concerned as to that you are a loose live wire , just sizzling all over th e place. We could get hurt.

And besidess you might turn government agenct on us.

Daisy and I are kicking it up to the boredroom.


Screaming Memes

8:58 AM  
Blogger iraqwarwrong said...


I"M admit I didn't relly follow all what you wrote(above). I would like to chime in that too I miss Jim. Who is Jim anyway? We thought we knew but now that you think about it, did we relly?

He could of been anyone when you think abou tit.

10:48 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

I actually (weird I know) miss Berrman, alittle. I felt like he relly kept us sharp and on are toes. Maybe the police pulled him over because they read his blog? He didn't like police much from what I saw he wrote. Dhinger police force cant take the heat, I guess.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dearest Susan,
Our bored is carefully considering you request, I mean , you kind and generus offeratorium.

Our bored is kind of like the tree ents in the Lord Of The Rings Reputzi movie mini-series. It takes them a very long time to think of anything so they only bother to think about some thing that is worth thinking about for a long time.

It might be a day or two, of all nighters (on there part , not yours, I know you are on your honeymoon, but that not to what I was referring) be fore they could come up with an A.N.S.W.E.R. for you.

I do know one detail of what is going on in the meeting currently thought .It has been brought to the attention of our bored that having you as a guest blogger would be counter intuative.

I think thats a good thing.

I'm drawing a blank right now.

Screaming Memes

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife Susan says you're thinking of giving her a cyber-abortion just because she voted for Bush. Well, believe you me, she still has PLENTY of pinko ideas even if she doesn't exactly understand them. She'd fit right in with your proleteriat dictatorship or whatever you call it.

I have half a mind that's tempted to come down there and tear your heads off and dump a gallon of whupass down your twitching throat stumps but I wouldn't soil my hands with the heads of fat Michael Moore-type commie scum like you. And besides, I'm still in Vegas.

USMC '74-'76
(Just missed out on Vietnam)

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear (and Dearer Sister) Meme (and Daisy) Respectively,

I want to explain my new husband Dan's letter to you. He's very protective of me (good) but he's very, very opinionated (not so good).

I think he was being violent metaphorically (he has a great sense of humor, sort of). I don't think he'd tear someone's head off and pour whupass down their throat. I really think he probably wouldn't do that.

I understand the new turn this blog has taken from IWWWWW's (thank god he's back), but I think I can be of help to the readers here who are confused about the Dark Global Fascist Conspiracy (DGFC) which you understand more than The Rest Of Us (TROU).

I myself have always been aware of the DGFC since I was 16 (Ms. Lieberthal's class) or 21 (Prof. Daulton's class). One of them.

I could be like an ombudsperson for TROU, because who would be better to talk to people who are confused about the DGFC than someone who is confused about it them/herself?

I mean how much more logical could that be???????

Please think about it some more, like Ents (good book[s]/movie[s]). I also have many ideas of my own that some people say are "unique," and have a good knowledge of grammar because I used to be an educator in it.

Very Extremely Sincerely,
Married to Dan in Vegas (temporarily)

6:32 PM  

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