Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Narrow Excape

I've been laying low ever since last night , when I recieved that threat from that dhinger chick.

You don't like what I have to say, you damn well don't have to read it. You seem to have made up your mind about me, and that's fine. But a little fair warning:Consider it BROUGHT, punkass. And watch your back.

I'm not hiding relly, quite. Just you know , being safe, cautious in my apartment. I look out the blinds once in a while. There was a woman standing acrsos the street for a little while, wearing some skanky outfit, looked like it could have been a disguise of some sort. I'v e never seen her in my niehgbor hood before.

I snuck out for a little while down to the Bagdad Cafe to talk to the intellectuals and tell them about my perdicament. Horatio said he would check in on me once in a while and bring me clam chowder soup and bread. Part of me is enjoying the romance of this, I am somewhat embarassed to say that but like Bukowski I will tell you only what is true.

But trully, there is nothing romantic here. Cuz, check it out. What happened next is frightening.

I called the police at 911 and started to report the dhinger chick's threat, but there was a strange clicking on the line, so I hung up real quick . And then they started calling back and letting the phone ring forever. finally i picked it up. It was them.

How did they know my number?

They asked me if I was ok , I said "no" and then realized that was the wrong answer. "Yes, I'm fine." They didn't believe me. "We'll be there shortly. we have a car in the niehgbor hood."

Yes, of course they have a car in the nieghbor hood. How convenient? That's what we have to be afraid of here.

So, I once again was forced to leave my apartment. I ducked down an alleyway, and hightaled it back to Bagdad and told Horatio what was going on. He took me to his apartment to hide out for a while. We made grilled cheese sandwiches and sipped jasmine tea. Never has anything tasted so good in my life.

Anyway, I am back in my apartment now, and everything is fine so far.


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