Saturday, December 25, 2004

Bueshe shducks Bushcn suciks. Bushe sudikes

I wentothe osht and mea nd haoriatio and

Friday, December 24, 2004

A Miry Christmess To All

I have bene drunked for over thirty sicks houres strateight now.

Hor ratio and I, have been drnkinking whiskey for

I dont'nt know what too say.

I know it is all most Christmess. Taht's hall I know. rightnow.

I want to wish you all a beautiful time with your families, evne thouwgh I hate Christmess. I knkonwo is it is a special time of year.

Bless you,

Screaming Memes/Pastorius/Horatio/Ngude/Daisty the Lamb

Thursday, December 23, 2004

U.S. Army Havresting Iraqi Organs For Experimental Medial Procedures, and the like

My sources in France and Germmany tell me that the U.S. military in Iraq is harvesting and selling human organs.

Reports indicate the transformation of the American humanitarian mission in Iraq into a profitable trade in the American markets through the practice of American physicians extracting human organs from the dead and wounded, before they are put to death, for sale to medical centers in America.

A secret team of American physicians follow the troops during their attacks on Iraqi armed men to ensure quick [medical] operations for extracting some organs and transferring them to private operations rooms before they are transferred to America for sale. "The reports confirm the finding of tens of mutilated cadavers or cadavers missing parts.

SOME BODIES WERE FOUND WITHOUT A HEAD. It is thought that American physicians are harvesting the brains for experimental full-brain tranplant operations.

The American military command could not offer reasons to explain the bewilderment about the missing parts, suggesting that this may have been caused by the penetration of bullets to the [missing] parts. But these excuses cannot be medically accepted.

The reports also confirmed that the burning of bodies was deliberate in order to conceal the crime of organ extraction. [The reports] further indicate that American medical teams have [made] active and suspicious moves in Iraq to recruit some Iraqis to guide them to dead and critically injured individuals to engage in the extraction of organs. These teams offer $40 for every usable kidney and $25 for an eye.

The reports confirm the finding of mutilated bodies in Fallujah. The reports indicate that the cadavers are immunized inside special cars to prevent the spread of the plague until the bodies are buried by their relatives. "The reports have indicated that a number of those killed in 'Abu Ghraib' and other prisons were subjected to operations for extracting their organs.

Following their mutilations, the bodies were discarded far from the prisons to conceal the facts. The reports revealed that that the American forces restricted the media by force to prevent them from getting near the scenes and recording the events.

Every person involved in this organ-harvesting plot and every person involved in it's coverup, should be lined up and shot.

Buy Nothing Day - Today And Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow is "Buy Nothing Day." Since we all know that capitalism is evil, and money is evil, then we need to do something to free ourselves from the chains of money. What can we do? NOTHING.


That way no money will be circulated. No products will be sould. No one will make any money. Merchants pockets will be empty. Clerks will stand there with nothing to do. People who work on assembly lines and car lots and gas stations and book stores and resterraunts and concert halls and Starbucks and McDonalds and Coca Cola stores and Nike stores and Donna Karan and Kenneth Cole stores and all stores and factories and office buildings, everywhere, PEOPLE WHO WORK EVERYWHERE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO.



The machine of capitalism will grind to a halt. Then everyone can just go home and be at peace.

That's my wish for this Holiday season. Now, if you will excuse me, me and Horatio have to get over to Ngude's place. He just called and said he got a new shipment of sweet Jamaican he can sell us.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Something Big Coming

I was out earlier today, with Horatio at my side, with his gun at the ready. I do not go out unguarded anymore, ever.

Anyway, there was an odd feeling in the streets today. There were, literally, millions of people swarming, moving too and fro, with expectent looks on their faces, carrying bag upon bag as if they are stocking up for something that will keep them in their homes. As if they sense that something were just around the corner.

One can sense the movement ready to happen, when one walks among the masses.

I sense we will see something very big emerge, shortly.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Menses: The Most Beautiful Flower In The Garden

My lawyer, Biff, and I have been looking into ways to establesh and document the extant of the damages caused by the fact that all of humanity is forcibly wedged into this unnatural christian Totalatarian 7-day work week. We consulted with my good friend Susan, who happens to be a Certified Women's Studies Professor at the local city college, and she advised us that, yes it is true, that the seven day wrok week is an abomanation.

Susan gently explained to us (Susan has a vary calm way about her, from all her years of meditating, drinking wheat grass juice, and just thinking correctly, she has the calm of the person who is correct all the time) that the whole world actually works on the 28-day cycle of the goddess, Menses.

Menses, it seems, was a sweet, fragrant flower in the garden of Diana. In the ancient days when the Goddess Luna rained, before the current evil paternalistic age of Pisces, Menses was the most beautiful flower in the Garden. But then, the vicious and diabolical god Apollo ascended into the sky, and set fire to all that was good and beautiful.

The beautiful flower goddess Menses was instantly scorched and set alight. She was liquidated, nevre to be scene again.

Diana, the tendress of the once-beautiful garden, became very sad and began to weep and moan. The world has never scene a woman more sad than Diana was in the early part of the age of Pisces. But, in her weeping, their emerged a new idea in Diana's conscioiusness. And that new idea was The Seed. She thought to herslef, "I will disperse little seeds upon the ground and from forth of one them shall cometh a beautiful flower just like my beloved Menses. "

And surely enough, Menses did spring froth from the ground. But, the age of Pisces is raigned by the dynasty of Apollo and therefroe Menses was no longer eternal. She was still the most beautiful of all the flowers in Diana's once perfect garden, but now her life span was just 28 days.

So, you see, this is the origin of the 28 day cycle. And this 28 day cycle forms the rhythm of life. If we live by the rhythm of life we will be blessed. If we choose to go against the rhythm of life we shall be accursed with all the evil's of the age of Apollo (Bushitler, etc.) .

So, Susan, Biff, and I were agreed. A 28 day work week it shall be. From now on, people will wrok twenty days straight and then take eight days off.

Doesn't that sound like it will work better?

Monday, December 20, 2004

jesusland Has Already Been Estableshed In Suttle Frightening Ways

I was thniking about the sutble ways that Bushitler has begun to introduce jesusland. The tanks in the streets and UNPERSONING of people aren't enough for him. The extant of his ego is such that he needs to project into every crevice of our lives. He needs to infaltrate our every crevice and make his will known to us.

The most herrowing revalation I have had is that everything we do is just completely dominated by and filled with the jesusland hegemony already.

Now, I want you to think with me on this. Get ready, cause this is a big one, and it is mind-boggaling:

Oh wait, I almsot frogot again:

Remember, I, Memes, says drink Snapple while you are overthrowing the goverment.

Ok, so her'e's what I was saying: jesus land has already been established. Think about this because it is HUGE:

THE SEVEN DAY WORK WEEK (five days on and two days off ((one of them being Sunday)) ).

Do you see what I mean. That's from the "bible" people, That is not right.

We are already domanated (please take note that the word domanated is itself a form of domanation because it contains two roots , one is Dom which means "god" and the other is nation, and you know what that means, godnation = jesusland. See how thoroughly the bushiter hegemony has infaltrated every crevice of our lives).

We are already controlled. We are already subjagated. The noose is already around our necks. We are held down and the knife is at our throat. We are under the influence of evil. A tyranny is amongst us. The command and control center of the Bushitler totalatarian regime is beaming out signals that make us think that everything is supposed to be under the rule of god.


I will say it again; WE CAN NOT STAND FOR THIS@@@


So, I have made it my new year's resolution, my new initiative to tare down the seven day work week.

I have hired a lawyer and am bringing forth a class-action law suit against the Bushitler regime, on the part of everyone who wants to participate. We are demanding damages in the hundreds of billions of dollars, for the horrifying oppression which has been laid upon so suttlely.

If you want to particapate in the law suit just leave a comment and will get you in on this. This is gonna be grate. Were all gonna be rich as sin.

I, Memes, says if you're are a cool teenage girl who like the "mall life", why not download the new Lindsay Lohan CD Speak, from iTunes for only $9.99.

Remember, I, Memes, says give iTunes during this special Holiday, (Kwazna, WinterSolstice, Chanuka, Descent of the Coca-Cola Bottle, Lotus Tree Day, Ramadan, etc.) Season of giving.