Monday, December 20, 2004

jesusland Has Already Been Estableshed In Suttle Frightening Ways

I was thniking about the sutble ways that Bushitler has begun to introduce jesusland. The tanks in the streets and UNPERSONING of people aren't enough for him. The extant of his ego is such that he needs to project into every crevice of our lives. He needs to infaltrate our every crevice and make his will known to us.

The most herrowing revalation I have had is that everything we do is just completely dominated by and filled with the jesusland hegemony already.

Now, I want you to think with me on this. Get ready, cause this is a big one, and it is mind-boggaling:

Oh wait, I almsot frogot again:

Remember, I, Memes, says drink Snapple while you are overthrowing the goverment.

Ok, so her'e's what I was saying: jesus land has already been established. Think about this because it is HUGE:

THE SEVEN DAY WORK WEEK (five days on and two days off ((one of them being Sunday)) ).

Do you see what I mean. That's from the "bible" people, That is not right.

We are already domanated (please take note that the word domanated is itself a form of domanation because it contains two roots , one is Dom which means "god" and the other is nation, and you know what that means, godnation = jesusland. See how thoroughly the bushiter hegemony has infaltrated every crevice of our lives).

We are already controlled. We are already subjagated. The noose is already around our necks. We are held down and the knife is at our throat. We are under the influence of evil. A tyranny is amongst us. The command and control center of the Bushitler totalatarian regime is beaming out signals that make us think that everything is supposed to be under the rule of god.


I will say it again; WE CAN NOT STAND FOR THIS@@@


So, I have made it my new year's resolution, my new initiative to tare down the seven day work week.

I have hired a lawyer and am bringing forth a class-action law suit against the Bushitler regime, on the part of everyone who wants to participate. We are demanding damages in the hundreds of billions of dollars, for the horrifying oppression which has been laid upon so suttlely.

If you want to particapate in the law suit just leave a comment and will get you in on this. This is gonna be grate. Were all gonna be rich as sin.

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Remember, I, Memes, says give iTunes during this special Holiday, (Kwazna, WinterSolstice, Chanuka, Descent of the Coca-Cola Bottle, Lotus Tree Day, Ramadan, etc.) Season of giving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear friend,
I quite understand your frustration, but I feel that your mode of expression may be a large part of what harms your cause. A rant and a lawsuit? This won't help at all.
I consider myself open-minded in most respects and I am seriously conflict when it comes to the Democrat/Republican divide. I submit to you that:
President Bush and a number of his appointees are far from perfect.
However, a President Kerry would not have been perfect either.
Understand that all moral arguments and positions are not religious in nature. Some of the moral arguments that do not support your cause are the result of unaided reason (though not necessarily from a logic that you would agree with). Some of the people that do support your cause are, in fact, deeply religious people who hold their positions (the same as yours) due to their religious beliefs. It is a mistake to assume that there are no religious people on your side of the issues.
I hope we can agree that people with different opinions are not all idiots, inbred, fanatics, idle rich or rednecks. Characterizing all political opponents in this way simply makes rapprochment impossible and, I believe, ultimately harms your cause. You simply cannot reach out to people in such a way. Of course, if your point is simply to preach to the choir and fire up a select few, a la Rush Limbaugh, then these tactics are pretty effective.
Forgive me for saying so, but using the word "dominate" as an example of how we are oppressed is a little silly. Bush did not create the word, and YOU are the person who chose to use it in your blog (unless you are sharing speech writers with the President).
I have yet to see a tank, a trooper or an agent trying to break in my family's doors (they are all Democrats, some very liberal. I am the only "centrist" in the bunch, one who fervently hopes that some bold leaders with the ability to tie together the best ideas of both parties will save us from our madness).
I do, however, quite agree that Bush's regime has severly and unnecessarily curtailed a number of our freedoms and exposed out civil liberties to abuse in appalling ways. I also know that too many Democrats supported these insane measures.
I am a black man and a muslim. This does NOT make me a free Democrat vote. Democrats help us a lot, but I also remember that a certain former slave-owning "Dixie-crat" was a Democrat. I want to know WHY I should support Democrats and liberals.
I have developed an interest in blogs as a way of weighing different views (I like Andrew Sullivan, even though I disagree with more than half of what he says). Too many blogs can be boiled down to infantile rants, like Ann Coulter. You are certainly passionate, and I see some intelligence in there. A calm, reasoned discourse could be a powerful aid to your cause.
Of course, if you are just preaching to the choir and ranting is the point of your blog, I apologize for trying to interrupt the exercise.
Peace be upon you, my friend.

7:21 AM  

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