Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Refuse to Apologize

You know I was thinking about how I was thinking about the post that I wrote yesterday, about how we are being like abused housewife's under the steadfast and dangerous hand of the Bushitler Reich. And, I was remember how intensley I concentrated and the thetawaves were fluttering in the back of my cerebral crotex. It was something to behold. Anyway, all of the sudden a thought came to me.

It was intense.

I reallized that Daisy is abusing me just like the Bushitler Regime. And I am acting like a poor patehtic desperate Housewives. I need to learn how to grow a sac and get up and hlep mys elf.
I did nothing wrong, so I refuse to apologoize. I tried to hlep Daisy by infroming her of all the evils lurking behind every corner in the Big City, but she did not watn to listen, No.

Diasy, is , I'm afraid, determined to do herslef in. It is obvious. She invites trouble.

She did not know the man in question. She says he was a bouncer, but he was like four and a half feet tall and, I'm sure, was minutely endowed. Really, if she was looking for a little action he was not the man for her, because (I'll let you all in on the secret) Daisy is a little bit on the big side , if you know what I'm mean.

Oh, here, by the way, the ad agency emailed me and suggested that I throw in a "Lifestyle Propositions" into my iTunes ads in order to "target the right psycho graffics" (whatever the eff that means. I hate coporate jesusland. I hate coporations so much I want to detroy them all, so we can live in peace. if we destroyed coporations then Bushitler would come down with them just like Sauron came down after the Ring was detroyed in Mrodor.)
Anyway, here's a message from our sponsor:

I, Memes, says when you come home from shopping at the Gap and the Limited, and after you have eaten at places like Johnny Rockets and Cinnabon, why not download the new Lindsay Lohan CD Speak, from iTunes for only $9.99.

Remember, I, Memes, says give iTunes during this special Holiday, (Kwazna, WinterSolstice, Chanuka, Descent of the Coca-Cola Bottle, Lotus Tree Day, Ramadan, Seek the Sikh Cheek to Cheek Festival, Shiva's Morn, etc.) Season of giving.

So, anyway, Daisy acted like a slut. She was probably just trying to play me. She really has a thing for me (what women does'nt) and, but, shes' afriad of how solid in love she is , and she's afraid of what a real man like I, Memes, can do to her, so she tried todeny the power, and she acts like a slut with other men.

I will not apollogize, but I will frogive Daisy, because now I realize that she can't help herself.
It's just the ways of the world.

And remember. I, Memes, says Drink Snapple while you're are overthrowing the government.

How's that for a psycho graffic freakin' Lifestyle Proposition, freakin' ad agency?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you are making money by working under contract with corporations, then you are a corporation also. That means you have become evil.


5:03 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Anonymous,

I very much resent that remark. I am not a corporation. I detest capitleism and all it's varietie (fr.).

If I were you, I would not inslut me, like that. Becuase I would know that Memes is backed up by very dangrous men.

I hope I am not being to suttle for you.

Screaming Memes

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow both Memes and IraQwarwRong endorses Linsay Logans latest CD Speak. It must be the most revolutionery music in the world I will download it right now.

Kill teh pigs! Peace.

8:28 PM  

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