Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Daisy? Oh Daisy

I have seen hide nor hare of Diasy. She did not show up for the Great Chimp Pee-a-Thon 20004. And I hven't scene her for days on end.

Maybe she atended the Pee on Hitler Day Parade in another city. Daisy has been making a point of moving around alot ever since we got invaded by Echolon. Last I herd, she might be going to Los Alamos to warm her toes in the sand.

But, i must say, I am strating to get a little worried about her. She could be getting tortuted in a Bush dungeon somewhere, or she could be laying dead in the alleyway behind the CIA headquarters.. and we would never be wiser

By the way, I had a great Turkey Sandwich today over at Kay's on 23rd. They put this musturd on it that was surpassingly suculent.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, the Pee-a-Thon went off marvelouslly. There were untold thousands of people lined up at the gutter, people of all shapes and sizes, hangin' and haunchin' ready to urinate there descent. It was an awesome site to see.

When I fired the water pistol (signal for everyone to let her rip) we all broke out in a spontaneious version of that stupid old song

Deep and Wide - dep and wide
Their's a river flowing deep and wide

Heh hheh. I'll tellyou. We oughta do this more offen.

The thing that was the funniest part was that the Pigs just didn't know what to do. Their were just standing their dumbfoundered. When the descent reaches to that level, that critacal mass, then the Pigs know they can't push back the river.

I can see the sunrising again. The tide is flowing in out direction. We will stop at nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Daisy? Where is Clover?

It is the silence of the lambs.

12:40 AM  

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