Sunday, December 05, 2004

We Don't Know Anything

Horatio here: Memes still in jail. His aturnie say he think he get Memes out on bond tomorrow morning. He say he talk to Memes. Memes in good spirit. But, we still dont' know where Memes at.

We don't know anything.

Ngude and I will stay up all night playing drums in the park to say we solid. Power to the people.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concurn,

I am a memeber of the United States. We would like to officiully anounce that we are NOT monaturing the Screaming Memes Internet Web Site, on the World Wide Web.

We are not officiully aware of the existence of the Screaming Memes web log, so how could we be monituring it anyways.

It is the officiul posishun of the United States that you all need to get a life.


The United States of America

7:29 PM  

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