Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eyeless In jesusland

Memes here. Man, the last few days have been a whirlwind of events. The truth of the matter is I feel that I have been so busy getting arrested and staging demon strations that I have been some what remiss in actaully talking about the serious business of the revolution, and of what has been happening to our once-great land.

The thing is, I know that the Movement is not and can not be abuot me, Memes. Bush restole the election and has usurped the power of the Presedency of the United States. He is illagitamite and illogical, and ill-fitting and ill-prepeared. He is not worthy to be Presadent. He doesn't read the papers, he doesn't hire cabinent memebers who disagree with him, he can't even string a sentance together into a cumulative sense-making propostition.

He must be overthrone.

The truth of the matter is that it's time to get down to brass tacts. It's time to do the dirty work. It's time to redeadacate oursleves, as if to become Born Again in our hatred of the Chimphitler, his heirness the Chanceler of jesusland. We must destory the ululating usurper-yahoo of yahweh. The fratboy, spoon-in-mouth, coked-out, bourbon-drinkin', african-american hangin', holster-wearin, Enron bandito of the Wild Western Frontier of the corporaate Texan pork Rindland.

Why Memes, you ask. Why are you so angry?

The truth is, the arrests have started. My arrest of last weekend, was merely a peeble dropping in the pond of mass arrests. Four more people from my building have disappeared under nefarious circumstandces. People are putting candles in the windows to affect signals to each other. the Primitive communication tool of the unvoiced. One candle means your with the Movement. I see that Sy, and his family, put a second candle in their window tonight. That means they are ready for action.

The army moved back into the streets last night after the anarchy of our sacred mictuary. They feign a stance of calm, but they are really in a posture of threat. They are their to say, "Stay in line, sheep. Move on down the hill." As long as the army is in the streets, all rebellion is dormint.

In addtion, their are flyers tacked on telephone poles. Putrid propaganda of the patriachal principalities. Here's an excerpt:

"This is to announce that, after reviewing the vote counts in the states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, Diebold has determined that Mr. George Bush has retained the seat of the Presidency. Calm and cooperation is advisable. There will be a curfew for a short period of time. If we all work together, we are confident we can make it through these troubling moments in our nation's history, and get back to the business of what makes this nation great. It is encouraged that everyone attend religious services once a week. We support a multicultural approach to religion, but, at the same time, it is clear, that the United States of America is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. A Christian approach to the futur of our great nation is deemed necessary, and such participation is welcomed in it's citizens."

Once, again, I appeal to the country's of Europe and Asia. Understand that we need help. We are under seage. Democricy is history in the United States of jesusland.

Try to understand. The curtain can come down so quickly. One day you can be living in a blind freedom where getting to Starbuck's befroe the rush is you're biggest concern, and the next day darkness reigns, descent is squashed, and there is a miasma of malaise in our streets. A nauseous depression has settled over our land.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hlep please everyone,

You don't know what it's like. To live in fear. The kind of fear we hvave to life in. I am misstorking the keys of ma y computer in odrer to misreferance the ominprestent Ech o lon . I do not want to be detectived on the mass swelling Godbrain of the intre net.

I hope you under stand what I am gitting at.

We ' re beean wwatched from all sides. Big brotha is not a fig mint of you're image in nation. It is the real i tee of the intre net.

How can we a void de tection ???

We can sep a rate werds and mis applie spell.

I hope you see what I a'm gitting at.

Tae Diggs

2:54 AM  

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