Friday, December 10, 2004

jesusland Tries to Conquer Time And Space Itslef

Memes here: I have been thinking again. Here's what I was thinking (when I was thinking):

The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that’s a good thing.

I don’t mean that we shoud be happy that Iraq'is or American are dieing. The death and destruction are numbing on a tragic stratosfearic level, and the suffering in Iraq is hard for most of us in the United States to understand. We find that we just do'nt know what to think.

The tragdedy is compounded cause these deaths haven’t protected Americans or brought freedom to Iraq'is. They have come in our quest to extend the American empire in this “new jesusland century.”

So, as an American, I welcome the defeat of jesusland for a simple reason: It isn’t the defeat of the United States of America but of that empire of jesusland. And it’s esencial that the jesusland empire be defeated and dismantled QUICKLY.

The fact that the Bushitler the Chimpchump says we are fighting for freedom and democricy (having long ago abandoned the matrix of his hyperreal ficciones {(Borges)} about weapons of mass destruction and terrorist ties)() does not make it so, or so so, for that matter..

We must look at the reality, no matter how painful it is for us to do the inherant looking. Saddam was a bad man (on the level of BushReich? it remains to be scene), but that does not prove our benevolant intention's, or guarantee that the United States will work to bring any meaning or democricy to Iraq.

In Iraq, the Bush administration invaded not to liberate but to extend and deepen U.S. domination. When Bush said, “We have no territorial ambitions; we don’t seek an empire,” on Nov. 11, 2002, he told a half-truth. The United States doesn’t want to absorb Iraq or take direct possession of its oil. That’s not the way of empire today. Oh no, that would be to simple. Bushes empire (like Milton's snake in the garden) is much more crafty and subtle and horrible to contamplate; it’s about control over the flow of oil, and oil profits, not ownership.

I mean , who would want to own oil anyway. It's dirty and it stinks. We just want to make money off of it, and burn it, and to destroy the envirement with it.

In a world that runs on oil, the nation that controls the flow of oil has great strategic power. U.S. policy-makers want levrage over the economies of competitors — We want to twist the turnoquette (fr.) on Western Europe, Japan and China — those that are more dependant on Middleeastern oil.

The Bush administration has invested our money and our lives in making Iraq a platform. Now watch as he's going to hold hands with Cheney, and jump off that platform, into a big pile of bloody cash. And like any cowboy he wants to project his power, becasue he has a big phallic fixation.

Bushitler the MoneyMonster and his mad minions of mamman do'nt want the libration of Iraq, They want Iraq to submit to their projection of they're power. But most Iraqis don’t want to be submissive, which is why jesusland is going to lose the war . One lesson of contemperary histroy is that occupying armies genarate resistence that, indubitably, prevales over imperialistic, paternalistic power.

When we admit defeat and pull out from out of our mass rape of the Iraqi people — NOT IF, BUT WHEN — the fate of Iraq'is will depend in part on whether jesusland makes good on legal and moral oblagations to pay reperations, and if we allow international institutions to aid in creating a truly sovereign Iraq.

We shouldn’t expect Bush to do this. He never will because he is evil. An anti-empirical imperialsm movement — the joining of anti-war forces (along with the Palesteinian Peace Movement, and with the movement to reject corporate globalization) — must create that pressure. WE MUST CREATE THAT PRESSURE. WE MUST CREATE THAT PRESSURE NOW.

We should all carry a profound sense of sadness at where decisions made by U.S. policy-makers — not just the gang in power today but a string of Republican and Democratic administrations — have left us and the poor Iraq'is peoples. But our tear's (wheeping/moaning morning period) should not keep us from pursuing the most couragous act of citizenship in the United States today: pledging to dismantle the American empire.

The planet’s resources do not belong to the United States. The century is not America’s. We own neither the world nor time. And if we don’t give up our insane quest to take over all off time and space — if we don’t find our place in the world instead of on top of the world — there is little hope that we can be come sane in the futuer (fr.).

S. Memes (M.S. Critical Theory, minor Circ. Rsng.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir S. Memes,

It is clear to all, accept our fellow jesuslandians, that the President has left the building when it comes to sanity.

From the evadence presented hear, it is obvious that Bush'es imperialisitc tendancies have veered in to monomania. Like the prophetic Ishmael character, of Melville's classic Moby Dick, George Bush has centered his intire being on running down the white whale of space and time.

Where it will stop , we will probably never know, because he is poised ready to plunge us into the thetacosm of his spiritual crises, and it's pretersexual occult inclinations.

I see concentric cirles of logocentric effluvium forming and dancing around, the meaning or which we could never ascertain , even as George Bush is mesmerized and disugustingly edified.

The Lord Gubandanandawitz

9:59 PM  

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