Saturday, December 11, 2004

iTunes and Snapple Are Both Solid

I did not realize that this blog would prove so fortunois (fr. - to bare fortune) for me. I have recently been contacted by several corporations who have asked me to advertise they're varioius brands and products.

First up is iTunes. Now, I thought this would be kind of a natural fit for the Screaming Memes and Daisy the Lamb blog because well,

1) I, Memes, often begin sentances by saying I Memes, so why not throw in a iTunes. In fact, I think I'll make that my official slogan.

I, Memes say give the gift of iTunes hear in this wonderful season of giveing.

How's that. It kind of gives me the chills, especially when i think of the checks rolling in the first of every month. As Ngude always says, "Sweet."

@) The second reason is because Daisy relly enjoies (fr.) music alot. Daisy is kind of one of those girls who has tatoos and piercings. You know, the kind I mean. You take one look at them and right away you know they are down with the Movement. And besides, pretty soon Daisy's friend's the Bruises will probably be selling they're music on iTunes as well.

3) I, Memes likes music two. And, while it's true that iTunes does not carry the kind of music Memes likes (mostly atonal, or twelve tone 20th century experimental music) that doesn't matter because I don't really want to buy any of it anyway, because I have it all on vinyl in storage as my Mother's house. My record player is broken. Oh well. To hell with. I do listen too music sometimes still, but mostly Shadowfax, Manheim Steamroller and George Winston. I particluarly like George Winston for when i want to relax. And many times these days, I just want too relax, because what I do is so stressful. Did I tell you that se3ven more people were mass-arrested on my street last night?

Anyway, iTunes is the best. And remember, I, Memes says you can download the new Lindsay Lohan album on iTunes for just $9.99

The next product up is Snapple made from the best shit on earth. Snapple is really good to drink, especially when you have a hangover. You drink three or four bottles of snapple and a little of the hair of the dog that bit ya, and your'e back on your feet and ready to throw Bushitler out of the White House. So, I think that will be my Snapple headline.

Memes Says Drink Snapple and Throw Bushitler The Hell Out of The Freakin' White House Already

Anyway it's gonna be good to finally make some money for a change. A few million and maybe I can retire to the Hamptons. I love it out in the Hamptons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use iTunes all the time. It's great. I downloaded the new Slipknot CD and some Velvet Revolvr. They rock.

I'm glad you cna make some money. If people like you can make enough money then we tare down Bushitler and his capatalistism crony's.

And besides, iTunes and Snapple are good coporations, so their not capatalistic. Do you what it's called when a coporation is really good so you love them. Its' called coprophilia.

Tae Diggs

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:03 AM  
Blogger moses_gunn said...

"I, Memes say give the gift of iTunes hear in this wonderful
season of giveing."
this gives me the chills too. But I suggest it be more
inclusive ie

"Give the gift of I-tunes for Eid-ul-Fitr, Kwanzaa , other."

The Snapple one is solid man!

5:28 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Mr. Gunn,
I am in acordence with you on that one. I will fill out my ad message to make sure that every one is included. I wonder what the good aboriganels among us worhip? This is going to take a little bit of research.

You will re call the cinamatic adventure "The Gods Must Be crazy" where that tribe found the Coca Cola can that fell from the sky and then they worhipped it, well, I will need to include that religion as wlel, because as I here, it is still being practiced to this day. I will have to find out what they call it.

Do you know?

Screaming Memes

P.S. I said that I am in "acordence" with you. Did you know that the word "acordence" is related to the wrod acordian (the musical insturment)? It's true. The root of the words are the same. Acord means to change shapes and sizes (like the acordian) on a continual basis, which is , also , of course, what one needs to do in order to reach an acord with some one else.

One can find the wisdom of the ages in ones' own linguistic traditions.

6:26 AM  

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