Monday, December 13, 2004

They Beat Us Because They Are Abusers

Dear Friends,
It is no surprise that the the Bushiteler regime and the Republicans are soar winners. They have spent the better part of the past month beating their chests, threatening to send to Siberia any Republicen who doesn’t tow the line (poor Arlen Specter), and promising every thing short of maritial law if the we the peopel don’t do what we are told.

Whats' worse is to watch the pathetic sight of the DLC (the conservative, pro-coporate group of Democrats) apologizing for being Democrats and promising to “purge” the party of the likes of, well, ALL OF US! They say their going to get rid of us? We'll get rid of them.

Watch Dan Rather apologise for not getting his facts straight, he's humiliat'd before the eyes of America. Observe Donna Brazille squirm as she is ridiculed by Bay Buchanan. Listen as Donna and Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer take to the airwaves saying that they have to go back to the drawing board and learn from their mistakes and try to be better, more likable, more appealing, have a stronger message, speak to morality. Watch them as they are forced to awkwardly quote the bible, forced at gunpoint to speak the ‘new’ language of jesusland.

Surf blogs like that frickin CUANAS , andsee the evil Nazi hatreed of the Bushitler minions foaming over like rabid dogs. Read the comments of dismayed, discombobulated, confused people of the Movement trying to figure out what they did wrong. Hear the cacaphony of voices, crying out, "Why did they beat me?"

And then ask anyone who has ever worked in a domestic violence shelter if they have heard this before.

They will tell you: Every single day.

The answer is quite simple. They beat us because they are abusers.

Ok, wait. I all ways froget:

I, Memes, says give iTunes during this special Holiday, (Kwazna, WinterSolstice,
Chanuka, Descent of the Coca-Cola Bottle,
Lotus Tree Day, Ramadan,
Seek the Sikh Cheek to Cheek Festival,
Shiva's Morn, etc.)
Season of giving.

Ok, so back to the my point: We can call it hate. We can call it fear. We can say it is unfair. But we are looped into the cycle of violence, and we need to start caling the dominating side what they are: ABUSIVE. And we need to recognize that we are the victims of verbel, mental, and even, in the case of Iraq, physical violence.

As victims we cant stop asking ourselves what we did wrong. We can't seem to grasp that they will keep hitting us and beating us as long as we keep sticking around and asking ourselves what we are doing to deserve the beating.

Listen to George Bush say that the will of God excuses his behavior. Listen, as he refuses to take responsability, or express remors, or even once, admit a mistake. Watch him strut around all cocky and cocksure and tell us that he will only work with those who agree with him, and that each of us is only allowed one question (soon, it will be none at all; abusers hit hard when questioned; the press corps can tell you that). See him surround himself with only those who pledge oath's of allegence.

And watch all of us walk on eggshells, so that we wont' be arested or UNPERSONED. We distance oursleves from gays and civil rights because we realize we will be looked at askance if we care about other people. Watch us squirm. Watch us fall into a world of hellfire and handmedowns, and handkerchifs in movei theaters, and hackneyed b.s. on Fox News and horific wars waged on inocent and ignorant thired worlders, and helples hate receivers, and handgreanades, and horshoes rung around our necks and more than anything , Hydrogen bombs hellaciously halting the hole of humanity on the holiest of holies, the homeless haloed spirit of humaness.

I'm beginning to believe I am going crazy. Bushitler is making me feel like I'm going crazy. But, it's him that's crazy. IT"S HIM!!!

How to break free? How can we brake the shackles that the Bush regime has cuffed us in so satanically and sadistically. The answer is quite simple.

YOU MUST ADMIT YOU ARE A VICTIM. Then, you must declare the state unexceptable. Next, you must promise to protect yourself and everyone around you that is being victimized. You don't do this by responding to their demands, or becoming more like them, or engaging in logical conversation, or trying to persuade them that you are right.

You do this by getting Bush out of the White House , by any means nesessary.

We have a mandate to be as radical as we can be. We are 57 milion strong. We are building from the bottom up. We are meeting and hooking up on the net, at work, in small groups, and right now, we are crying, because we are trying to break free and we don't know how.

But we shall overcome. Let our freedom ring from the mountaintops. I have a dream, that one day all humans will be judge not on whether they voted for Bush but on the contenants of they're cractacer We shall over come.

S. Memes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Nad some people think you're a dhinger. Not relly srue what you said but it sounded right, uhm, mean left uh now just gettnig all confsued again. Ples, where nearest shelter ?

2:49 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Anonymouse,
I am aware that some speculate that I'm am a dhinger. I don't know whether to be angry, amuesed or whether maybe just to lie prone and allow Bushitelr to have his way with me. Why I said that I'm not sure, it just seemed right at the time.

I'm trying to go with the flow more these days. I was feeling all pent up their for a while.

Anywya, I'm am glad you like my peace about us lying prone and letting the Bush Reich have it's way with us no more. Thank you for the complament.

I was really thinking when I wrtoe that one. My thetawaves were fluttering in the back part of my cerebral crotex. I could actually feel it.

Screaming Memes

4:53 AM  

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