Thursday, December 23, 2004

U.S. Army Havresting Iraqi Organs For Experimental Medial Procedures, and the like

My sources in France and Germmany tell me that the U.S. military in Iraq is harvesting and selling human organs.

Reports indicate the transformation of the American humanitarian mission in Iraq into a profitable trade in the American markets through the practice of American physicians extracting human organs from the dead and wounded, before they are put to death, for sale to medical centers in America.

A secret team of American physicians follow the troops during their attacks on Iraqi armed men to ensure quick [medical] operations for extracting some organs and transferring them to private operations rooms before they are transferred to America for sale. "The reports confirm the finding of tens of mutilated cadavers or cadavers missing parts.

SOME BODIES WERE FOUND WITHOUT A HEAD. It is thought that American physicians are harvesting the brains for experimental full-brain tranplant operations.

The American military command could not offer reasons to explain the bewilderment about the missing parts, suggesting that this may have been caused by the penetration of bullets to the [missing] parts. But these excuses cannot be medically accepted.

The reports also confirmed that the burning of bodies was deliberate in order to conceal the crime of organ extraction. [The reports] further indicate that American medical teams have [made] active and suspicious moves in Iraq to recruit some Iraqis to guide them to dead and critically injured individuals to engage in the extraction of organs. These teams offer $40 for every usable kidney and $25 for an eye.

The reports confirm the finding of mutilated bodies in Fallujah. The reports indicate that the cadavers are immunized inside special cars to prevent the spread of the plague until the bodies are buried by their relatives. "The reports have indicated that a number of those killed in 'Abu Ghraib' and other prisons were subjected to operations for extracting their organs.

Following their mutilations, the bodies were discarded far from the prisons to conceal the facts. The reports revealed that that the American forces restricted the media by force to prevent them from getting near the scenes and recording the events.

Every person involved in this organ-harvesting plot and every person involved in it's coverup, should be lined up and shot.


Blogger notmemes said...


they want brains to transplant into BUSH!

(dosn't have one)

7:25 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Not Memes,
You know, you are right (left) [(not "Left Behind")]about that.

I new their was some thing nagging at me all day long, screaming as if like a banshee from another room, "Memes, Memes, It's Bush. Bush is the reason for the treason. They need the brains for Bush."

George W. Bushitler has become, litrally, Moloch; eating the children of his kingdom to feed his bottomless pit ego.

We must put a stop to his rain.

S. Memes

P.S. I will be reciting poetry at the Bohemouth tonight at 1:45 AM. Come down and see me. DRinks are on you.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


~KOSisOK [new]~"alias",

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KOSisOK ("alias"),

Ngude here,
My brother, I like your new name. Somehow, it reminds me of Phillip Glass' music, because I see it enlessly turning and spiraling around upon itself. I don't know why I get that impression. I mean, I recognize the reference to Kos, the great political thinker. But, somehow, it just seems there's even more there. An endless, but logical, loop of meaning (not unlike string theory in a way) just vibrating with conciousness.

Do you know what I mean?


P.S. Memes poetry was stellar tonight, my brother. He took his clothes off once again, but it went with the narrative and it just worked. The audience was very impressed, even though he was in (how shall I put it?) say a relaxed/diminutive state. I mean all guys are like that when their not thinking about getting it on. Right?

Anyway, the poetry was stellar. The weed was sweet. The whiskey was flowing. Memes and Horatio are both on a powerful drunk right now.

Horatio is out in the street yelling, "F@&k Bushitler," over and over at the passing cars. Most are honking their approval. I don't exactly know where Memes is at present. I expect that we shall find him soon.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here enjoying some leaf, and the CD Legends Of The Drum by Marilyn Rife. It really is beautiful, intelligent and tolerant music. You can listen to MP3 excerpts here:

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, all you who say lets be tolorant of others choices just don't like all the conservatives, or jesus freaks among you.... what the hell? if you don't like whats being said or shown to you on tv then change the chanel just deal with it... and thats gotta be some pretty good drugs you're taking to be finding shit out like the military is harvesting body parts... heres a thought... its a war dumbass, body parts get mutilated, and blown off an all sorts of other disturbing things happen, so like it or not... it's bound to happen...

4:01 AM  
Blogger EvilPundit said...

These claims are ridiculous. It's impossible to use Iraqi organs because they're all poisoned with Depleted Uranium. That's why the best harvesting stations are located in India and South America.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Evil,
Good point! I all ways some times forget about the depelted uranium. The thing is, Bushitler the Evil One, is doing so many obamanable things that I strat to not care anymore (to tell you the truth,.)

Of coarse we would have organ havresting in India, after all, we have out sorcerced all of our customer relations there, and that is a vary stressful job, so , you would imagine that the Indians (not Natieve) ((fr.))are dieing off like fly's. There four what else are we supposed to do with there body's but havrest organs and cut off ther'ye heads.

Screw them all,

Wait I'm getting confused.

I hope Bush dies a gory death,

S, Memes

9:17 PM  

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