Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Something Big Coming

I was out earlier today, with Horatio at my side, with his gun at the ready. I do not go out unguarded anymore, ever.

Anyway, there was an odd feeling in the streets today. There were, literally, millions of people swarming, moving too and fro, with expectent looks on their faces, carrying bag upon bag as if they are stocking up for something that will keep them in their homes. As if they sense that something were just around the corner.

One can sense the movement ready to happen, when one walks among the masses.

I sense we will see something very big emerge, shortly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wander what it coudl be. WMD? Bushitler taking over America? The estableshment of public crusifictions?

I'm am scared.

Jerry Mander

4:22 PM  

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