Monday, February 07, 2005

The Flowers of Romance

I must admit. Their's an excitement about being underground and their's a certain headiness to the impingement of Fascism upon the peoples. The palpable fear brings out a kind of "WTF have I got to lose-ness" in the proletariat. You can see the looks on the faces of the women, as they throw all caution to the wind. Wearing plunging necklines in the middle of winter, revealing skin flushed with the vigor of perpetual agitation and excitement.

Furtive meetings are the order of the day. In bars and alleyways, doorways, and taxi cabs. The wind carries with it, an aural declamation of lust. This is a romantic time, when men are men , and women are women.

The streets are still barricaded. The milatary is out in froce. Occasionally you meet the odd soldiar upon whoms face seems suspended the look of doubt, the look of "what am I doing? what is happening to the good ole US of A."

The answer of course, is that it has been invaded and occupied by the forces of jesusland.

Horaitio, Ngude and I get together and sparrk up a few fatties and watch the government controlled CBS (complete bullshit) for kicks. We laugh at it like children, so hard that tears stream down our faces.

Fro instance, last night the three-star general Anchorman said the following,

"In the streets of the major cities, clam has returned. A joyful look abounds of the faces of the contented people of jesusland."

Outside our window meanwhile, their was a tank staring down a group of students throwing molotov cocktails. We watched as gunfrie erupted and the students scattered like rodents. The tank covered in burning gasoline was our fascist lamp against night's darkenss.

So, you can see that our Anchorman's proclamation was somewhat inaccuarate. What kind of country is it that froces it's citizens to be the "contented people of jesusland" by pointing tank turrets at them?

There is a certain camp to fascism, an antiquated, yet quaint buffoonery. Somewhat charming in it's naiive insistence upon "conservative values" enforced through malignant violence.

Fro all that their is to hate about jesusland, I must admit, our current situation has it's pleasures, and I find the soldiers uniforms to be quite beautiful in a sadomasochist and monolith sort of way.

Like I said, these are heady times. We must be prepared for anarchy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What kind of country is it that froces it's citizens to be the 'contented people of jesusland' by pointing tank turrets at them?"

they ought to pull the trigger more often...

dhing crosby

8:28 PM  
Blogger Screaming Memes said...

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10:13 PM  
Blogger Screaming Memes said...

Don't be hatin', biatch.

Better y'all get back to yo shit.

S. Memes

6:28 PM  

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