Saturday, January 29, 2005

God Bless The French (uh, not religious referent)

Wile the Amerkkkaners Capatailistes of jesusland try to set up their barbarian utopia in Southeast Asia, the French get dwon to the serious business of hleping the native peoples of the third world regions.

ABOARD JEANNE D'ARC (AP) - The naval ship's pantry is stocked with wines, baguettes and pate, and its casual dress code is shorts and sandals. There's even an artist - a painter to keep an illustrated record of the trip.

With a panache all its own, France's military is delivering aid to tsunami-battered Indonesia - and showing how a small force can make a difference.

A month after killer waves struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the French are part of an international relief operation that includes forces from more than a dozen nations, including Japan, Russia and Switzerland.

The 1,000 or so French sailors and soldiers arrived in Aceh province on the island's northern tip two weeks ago. Their 11 helicopters and two C-160 cargo planes are airlifting rice and tents to isolated villages devastated by the Dec. 26 earthquake-generated waves, which killed at least 145,000 people in Asia and Africa.

"The children are smiling again. This is a good sign," said Maj. Francois Masse, a veteran pilot of French relief work in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chad.

Although media attention has focused on the U.S. contribution, particularly by the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and its battle group, aid officials say the French and other forces are playing an equally important role.

"(The French) increase our capacity to move loads into some areas where roads have yet to be reconstructed. Trucks cannot reach these areas," said Daniel Augstburger, head of the U.N.'s relief work on Sumatra's western coast.

That responsibility likely will increase once the Americans leave with their three dozen helicopters.

The French, who also are conducting relief operations in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, object to comparisons with the Americans.

"The feeling we had in France was that, as usual, the Americans were rushing in force to Indonesia and boasting about it," said flotilla spokeswoman Cmdr. Anne Cullerre. "For some people, it seemed outrageous.

"How can you really boast of doing something from this tragedy? People were saying, 'They are doing it again. They are showing off.'"

Vice Adm. Rolin Xavier, who heads the French military effort, dubbed Operation Beryx, said, "We are not in the shadow of the Americans but we work alongside them."

Critics of the U.S. military's work in Indonesia say Washington has seized on the disaster as a pretext for advancing its strategic interests in the archipelago and improving ties with the Indonesian military.

During her recent Senate confirmation hearings, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the tsunami provided a "wonderful opportunity" for the United States to reap "great dividends" in the region.

The dispatch of the USS Abraham Lincoln's strike force has been viewed in some quarters as an effort not only to help survivors, but also to burnish America's image among Islamic communities worldwide by delivering aid to the largest Muslim country in the world.

The French maintain they do not have strategic interests in the region.

The contrast with U.S. forces does not end there. The U.S. military bans alcohol aboard naval vessels. But French sailors aboard the Jeanne D'Arc pick from wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks, and their ready-made meals come with pate. On deck, they sunbathe in the muggy heat in shorts and sandals.

However, what really sets the French apart is the paunchy, bearded civilian riding a sloop to the shore. He is artist Michel Bellion, appointed to paint the French military in action in his trademark bold strokes and bright colors.

"I'm here to show the drama," said Bellion, pulling out a sketch book.

We see, once again, how the imperialist jesuslandiers attempt to turn the world's suffering into gain. The French bring a civilizing force to the indigenous peoples of the third world,; baguettes, brie, wines, and waa laa, a painter.

What is the united states amerikkkaners of jesusland's response to a disaster of tsumanicopian proportions? To send in a freaking military force, a battleship.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Remember The Nobel Saviges Day

The wisdom of the nativeAmericans is indeed non violet. It is ancient and non-linyear. It is not incumbered by the shackles of patriarchal domanation.

The wisdom of the natives is charmingly didactic. their is a quainteness which I find brings a tears to my eyes, as when watching a child play with a ball, or a momma dog feeding her puppies.

The primative peoples of our fair Earth have much to teach us if we would only listen. Their indecipherable chanting and the wise barbarity of their simplistec drum pattrens presents us with a nobel message of concord, of an "at-oneness" with the green and uncultured rhythems of Gaya.

The native Americans are the seminal blood flowing within the vains of America , without there vestigal and savige circumspection and pansophy, we would be a completely lost peeples.

But, instead, as a result of the nurturing pristine primevilness of our fair atavistic precursor clan, the "Indians" as Colombo would have called them, when he so violently raped and mauled the land of the "Americas", instead, we have a chance to arise from the muck of mire of our technological primoridal soup.

Let's all remember the natives of our land on this the "Remember the noble saviges day."

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Origins of Bushes Descent

Wrod comes today that Heir Bush the ChimpNazi of jesusland is descended from evil lineage.

Really, we did not need to be told, but it is goo to know just so we cna have proof for our feral hatred.

"The Evil One is a descendant of Strongbow, the power-hungry warlord who led the Norman invasion of Ireland thus heralding 800 years of mutual misery," said the genetics expret Ann Griffin Bernstorff.

"The US president's now apparent ancestor, Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke - known as Strongbow for his arrow skills - is remembered as a desperate, land-grabbing warlord whose calamitous foreign adventure led to the suffering of generations."

Sound familiar?

But wait, there's more. Because it has been conclused beyond a shadow of a doubt that the chimpnazi is also a descent of Caesar Nero, of burning down Rome fame. More from genetics expret Ann Griffin Bernstorff:

"A little known factoid is that Heir Chimp himslef has actually taken up the violin in recent years. He is known to have told confidantes that he feels it is his destiny to play the violin."

This would seem apopo (fr.) considering the word violin rhymes with violence. And, as legend would have it, of course, because it is the way it was, that is to say that it is true and histroical, Nero fiddled with himslef as he watched Rome burn down.

But wait, there's more. Because, one can also see on Bushhitler's face the mark of the cold, calculating Asian gaze. More from genetics expret Ann Griffin Bernstorffer:

"Another little known secret is that the dicktator is a second cousin of Plo Pot (on Jeb's side of the family, remember the "little brown ones"), the Cambodian totlalatarianist who killed millions of his own people in the fields where they lived .,. This would explain the rumor which has been going around in the party circles of Texas for years now, of George Bush's excessivley small " micro-penis"."

See, that, there it is, the motive that we have all been looking for. Bush is trying to destroy the world, because he has a small member (as opposed to I, Memes, who has an exceedingly large frankfurter, which string physicists have noted protrudes into 16 of the 21 known dimensions of time and space). Yes, the dicktator has a small dick.

In this way, it is clear that the Napoleanic Penis Complex leads right to the Milatary Industrial Complex.

But, that's not all that Ann Griffin Bernstroff (genetics expret) has delineated fro us.

"In an happy conincidence, it has also been concluded that Bush the Empailer is also a genetic descendant of Joshua the murderous Israeli who killed all the Caananites man, women, and child."

Do you see where I'm going with this? You see? Do you see that? We should not be suprised at Bushes monstous behaviour with the lineage he has displayed. He is descended from murdersers and he is a muredrer himself. His racial makeup is suspiciously constructed perfectly to lead him down the path to being the Annihaltor that he is destined to be.

There really is no avoiding his foreordination. It is inevitable that he will try to kill us all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iowahawk Proves His Movement Is Vary Solid

It's time for us in the campus reality-based community to sit down, look in the mirror, and soberly face the cold, hard facts: if we don't start getting serious and come up with some more effective protest strategies, it literally may be months before we end the nightmare of the ChimpHitler's Reign of Error.

Case in point: while several thousand campus sheeple herded to the weekly ESU Nuremburg Pep Rally/basketball game last week, only 40 of us had the courage to join the ESU Caravan For Global Sanity -- our student grassroots roadtrip to D.C. to protest *'s i llegal corporate coronation.

Frankly, I can't remember when I have been more embarrassed by this university. Despite pledges of participation points from over 20 sections of Critical Lit and free vegan box lunch from the ESU chapter International ANSWER, our faculty advisor Dr. Harmon was forced to cancel nine buses we had reserved for the trip. This country is on the cusp of building concentration camps, and apparently all ESU can say is "sorry dude, I'm too busy to protest the AWOL Fascist-in-Thief, we're in a three-way tie for second in conference." Man, you people make me sick.

Well, let me tell you a little story, folks. Although we lacked numbers, we made a difference in DC. Through our voices and chanting and snowballs, we put Smirky and his wingnut regime on notice that we will not sit back and let them silence our voices, nor our snowballs. We have started a people's revolt, and our revolt will continue until Craptain aW*ol and his Halliburton gangsters are driven from power. And you know what else? Dr. Harmon says we are all getting A's in Critical Lit.

So let's get something straight, Mister Black and Gold Fascist Face Paint So You Can Get In An ESPN2 Camera Shot Waving At Your Brownshirt Frat Bros Who Are Slamming Pitchers At O.J. McChuggers SportsBar With Their Hot Stupid Sorority Girlfriends: no matter how many dollar Bud Lites you guzzle, you will never stop the people's revolt. Because we are still revolting.

We are still revolting because we will not allow another election to be stolen. Don't think Karl Rove and Team Repiglican scripted the outcome? Then you tell me: how exactly did Shrubby "win" Oklahoma, despite scientific exit polls there that showed him trailing both Kerry and Nader? Wake up man, our "democracy" was co-opted. Nowhere was this more evident than in Ohio, where widely-reported GOP firehoses and attack dogs kept Cleveland voter turnout to 91%, 15 points below normal and more than 40 points lower than in similar-sized
Milwaukee. Ask your stats T.A. to explain that one.

We are still revolting because we are standing up to Chimpy's faux "mandate." Even with voter intimidation and millions of his manufactured Jesusland votes, * could barely manage a 51% "majority." In basketball, I believe that's called a "squeekie," and Kerry could have almost sent it to overtime with a late three pointer. Starting today, we are going to stand up to Chimpy the Cheerleader and his Phi Gamma Exxon pals, and let them know that their stolen "victory" is not a free pass to storm the Supreme basketball Court and cut down our Constitutional nets.

We are still revolting because we are not going to be drafted into the pResidunce's imperi-oil war machine. I hate to say I told you so, but I warned you people last semester: Rumsfeld and his Penta-cons have a secret plan to reinstate the draft. Let's face it, with all those gullible volunteer rednecks dying daily over in "Mission Accomplished," they'd like nothing better than to round up draft objectors and unwilling campus intellectuals and send us kicking and screaming over to fight their imperial Enron adventure. Nice try, Wolfowitz. Too bad for you, because we have already begun installing anti-CIA spyware in the Comp Center PC lab, and Professor Harmon is setting up an Underground Railroad with the University of Toronto.

We are still revolting because our rights are eroding. Think you have Free Speech in this country? Well, think again. When the ESU Caravan for Global Sanity arrived in Washington, the DC pigs confiscated our Cheney effigy head, calling it "a security problem," and then told Professor Harmon we couldn't wear ski masks and march next to the Marine band. Then, on the bus ride back to campus, Busdriver McHitler made Jared turn down Radiohead on his boombox. Finally, when we got back to ESU, we found out the deposit on the cancelled buses was non-refundable, so we had to dip into $900 of our mandatory student fee budget. What next, man? Gas showers?

We are still revolting because we support the troops. Oh, sure, yeah, the chickenhawks say they really "support the troops." Exactly like the armchair athletes at the Alpha Sig house "support" the ESU basketball team -- just win dude, nobody cares if you drive a free Hummer and torture prisoners over at the basketball dorm. But as we in the peace community say, "support the troops - bring them home." Only then can we begin supporting the troops through the hard process of healing, and war crime trials. Afterwards, we must stand behind the troops with intense psychological counseling as they pick up the pieces of their tragically shattered lives.

We are still revolting because someone needs to be the voice of sanity in AmeriKKKa. It's time someone else on this campus besides the faculty learns the ugly truth: with every passing day under BushCo, this country creeps farther and farther beyond the ragged edge of mass political madness, into a sickening extremist mobius strip Texas twilight zone of fat, hydra-headed oilmen electrocuting the innocent while money-green puke gushes from their eye sockets across a basketball court covered in Eggo toaster waffles. Until the rest of you awake from your sheeple dream to the reality of this nightmare, we in the campus reality-based resistance will be like the courageous European boy Hans Brinker -- putting our finger in the eroding dyke of Human Rights and shouting out to the world that the Chimperor has no clothes.

Remember, the truth is out there if you want it. And please remember to circle "Global Sanity" on your Spring Semester mandatory student fee cards.

He's a good writr and all (and I'm glad someone else is doing this nobel work) but he relly need to learn how to spell.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Gloves Are Off - Screaming Memes Faces Down Pastorius

I got into it with that evil neocon, Pastorius, over at CUANAS yesterday. Click this lnik to see argument in comments section.

It started out when he said something that was so evil and slanderoius, and , that the nice proprietors of the IraqWarWasUniverse blog had to cenosr him and remove the comment. After that, I tore him a new a-hole, and he repsonded, and a few other famous IWW people put in their too cents. It was a rip-roaring time had by all, that's fro sure.

The fight still rages on. He started off saying he doesn't know who I am, but then he has tried to insinuate that this blog is a satire created by him.

Do you see why I call him a evil neocon? Cause neocon's try to control the hole world like diabolical puppetmasters. When they can't control you , then they simply say they invented you. I'll bet next thing, he's gonna sue me and say he has a patent on my name, or soemthing. He owns me like a SLAVE.


I will have no right to my own name anymore, by court order. I will have to change my name to a sign like that poor africna-american rock n'roll musican Prince (is he straight, or is he gay? I'm just asking?)

Here's my new name, for anybody who cares about me.


The jesusland Reality Show

Bushitler has just announced that we need to perfrom an "extreme makeover" on the entire third world, in order to feel safe in our own homes. He wants to make everybody free, whether they want it or not. But, to the Chimpmeister, reality doens't mean what it does to you and me. Reality is your free to be on TV

I call this The jesusland Reality Show. jesusland/Amerikkka has manafested itslef as the reality show that swallowed up the globe. It poses as freedom, but it's really just a trojan horse for the imperialistic manuvers of thirty second commercials to invade the globe. We can go nowhere now, without being under the camera of the Reich.

The jesusland Reality Show is the biggest "hit" to ever have exploded onto the airwaves.
Everybody is smiling fro the camera, but inside we are nervous, anxious, frightend. Our real sleves don't make it onto TV. In this way we have fictionalized the hole of the planet. The jesusland Reality Show is the biggest fake since the Quiz Show Scandals of the 50's, or the "Apollo Landing" theatrics.

The question then becomes, how can we be real, if we are all just part of The jesusland Reality Show? The answer is we need to supplant oursleves in history, and grow roots deep in the soil of what was once the Home of the Free. We need to look to our forfathers and imagine what they envisioned for our role in creating histroy. It was history which has led us to where we are, which is a place we hate. So, if we want to change our situation, what better place to learn than from history? Cause, if at first you don't succeed, do it again and again until you do.

The grate George Washington warned of "foreign entanglements." The second President Adams asserted that "we go not abroad in search of monsters to destroy." Instead we need to distroy the monster that roosts in our vary hearts. That being Bushitler the Monstrosity of Rampant "Freedumb"

If we would just submit oursleves to histroy, we would know that we should just bring our boys home, and leave the world alone. Leave all the third world people alone. They are not "our people", why should we waste our boys on them. They don't want to be free. You can't teach a pig to sing.

Hat tip: Jean Baudrillard

Oh, and, by the way, I, Memes, says drink Snapple while your overthrowing the goverment.

A Memesian Proclimation

We are socialists. We are enemies of today's capitalistic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its' unfair salaries,with its' unseemly evaluation of a human building according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance. We are determined to destroy this system under all circumstances. We will tare it down like the veil that has covered your eyes and blinded you to the reality right under you're noses.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Election Erection

So the chimp in chief has a hardon for freedum. As if that's what the Iraqi's want. It is madness to assume that they want freedum because we have it and want it, supposedly. (think about it, are we really free anyway? Yesterday, for instance, it was "Not One Damn Dime Day" day. And I got a flat tire on my way out to the Hamptons to pick up my trust fund stipend from my mother.

I was forced to buy a new tire, just so I could keep up with the provervial Jonese's in our capitalist construct. Is that the kind of freedum you want?). I, Memes, for one, answers that question with a resounding, "NO!!!"

So, anyway, let me just say, it is pretty clear the Iraqi's do not want thqt. And they have been trying to tell us, (gently at first with signs in street , marching for Saddma, then more forcefully by nobelly blowing themsleves up (and using they're bodies as shrapnel).)). The ,message is loud, and clear. "We don't want what you have."

But, Bushiterl and his evil marionette have insisted, beyond all reason that we need to go on with the election, as if an election is going to tell us anything. When has an election ever solved anything?

I mean, thnik about it, if we force them to vote, then what is it, is that freedom? Can you force somebody to be free?

And thnik about. Say you've got a person who is not free, sitting right in front of you. He's not free, so he is not able to make any decisions at all, right? So, you offer him one of the phony choices of our Capitalist system. You say to him "Just tell me what you want, do you want the Strawberry Delight Smoothie, or the Cranberry Craze Smoothie?" And he says, "I no want Smoothie. I no want to praticapate in Bushitler Capitalist Simulacrum." And so, since he' is not cooperating, than you just force both smoothies down his throat.

Is that freedom? No, that's TORTURE.