Saturday, November 06, 2004

Men Arrested

Secret Police came and arrested three men down the street very early this morning. I wouldn't have even known antyhing was going on, except there were shots fired. They woke me up.

I am still shaking like a jefflyfish tumbling in a wave.

I was so scar3d tha t I was shaking and I laid on the floor too scared to look out the window. I'm still shaking.

Only one of them was Arab and he didn't even have a beard, if it was the neighbor that I'm thinking it was. I don't know really, the media is keeping it under hushcover. There are rumours of a great anger in the streets and much gossip too about the way the Police treated the men, who had been boisterous for days (much angry hollering and broken bottles thrown out the window), hanging anti-Bush paraphenalia in the windows of their apartment.

There was a drawing of Bush being Saddamized by Hussein himself which they burned in effigy yesterday. It seemed like triumphent moment until this morning when the Police came. I'm sorry if this is n't making any sense, but I am very scared and I don't know what to think.

At the Bagdad Cafe this morning where I went for Croissant and Cafe, the neighborhood intellectuals were discussing these affairs, but the Arab men were just quiet talking amongst them selves. It was eery. I think maybe their afraid also. May be they believe they have to keep there mouths shut and be good Bush puppy dogs, because the government might be listning.

On the way back to my apartment three military jets flew over in a dominating militaristic formation. There were Police men on the street croners. Every body in the city is obeying all the rules, no one even dares to jaywalk. And, if they do, they are immedate3ly stopped and hassled by the police who are every where, let me tell you. The people of my town just walk like there're just going to stare straight ahead, all the time, and not look at each other.

But not down towwards the East side where they are playing revolutionary hip hop in the windows of the apartments.

OMG Breaking News

I was just stepped outside enjoying the sunshine (no telling how long will last what with Reinmaker in action) when I saw a man walking his dog on the side walk. It was a big dog, Im thinking attack type? German sheapard? Rotty? not sure but very big. I thought, it was weird (unusual) man walking attack dog down my street. So I stared at the man, trying to memorize his outfit and face incase I needed to remember it? For future reference. He caught me staring at him, and he looked back. I continued stareing back. And he just looked at me. As he walked past. Just looking as I stared at him. I thought (maybe, dont' want to jump to conclusions BUT) I caught a glimspe of malice (irritation, maybe, that I caught him in the act) in his eyes as I stared into them.

I am fairly sure, I think at this point I think I can say, that my residance is being watched (spyed on). By who who knows. I can't ignore that last encounter though, obviously he was checking up on me. (very worried that phones may be tapped too) Everyone keep an eye out for suspiscious activities like this. Things are getting dicy here.

Playing with fire (death)

Well. As we all know (in the news - just checked Yahoo) Palestinan leader Yessir Arafat is in very bad shape. How curious (what a coinscidence!) that his ailing health/reports of subsaquent death are occurring RIGHT AFTER U.s. Presidential Election. Which Bush clinched victory. First we have the sudden ubitquituous (all around everywhere, seemingly) effects of Hallaburton weather control device (code name revealed: the Reinmaker), now we have Bush cronies toying with the health of a nation's leader? I'm must admit, I did not expect to be seeing such bear-faced interference in national matters all ready. (sort of expected brief time of peace so as not in being so obvious) What can I say? And, yet, the country still believes (Bush not impeached yet) that ``W'' is the man for the job. We americans sure are dumb, sometimes. In retroscept it makes me wish I had married Lutfi's son, becuase at least Lutfi knew what was up, or seemed. He was Arabic, anyway, and wise from being multi-cultural.

Thats' all I'll say for now, I just rented "Bring it on" (modern classic about team spirit and young love) with Kristen Dunst and I'm relly excited to watch.

Friday, November 05, 2004

It's Starting To Rain

It's starting to rain here in my town. I'm a little worried.

It's very cold. Why isn't it snowing.

Very strange.

The Bagdad Cafe

I went over to the coffee shop I freaquent yesterday afternoon, wehre all the local neigborhood intellectuals get to gether and discuss all the intellectual topics of the day (inteligenet du jour).

We've taken to calling it The Bagdad Cafe because it is owned by a couple from Saudi Arabia (dont know there names now that i think about it). The husband name Ahmed. I don't know the wife's name. We rarely see her. She has many religious duties, plus I think it might be hard for her to get around in her religious robes. Not sure.

But, he is alwayts there day and night, excerpt when he has to go run an errand, but he then just leaves the place to his friends (all the other men who hang out at the Bagdad Cafe.).

One thing I have noticed about the Arab people is that they are very polite. they do not socialize with us much , but they have a subtle taste for politness about not interfearing with our conversations and another thing, here it is,

They are very concerned with noise level. When you walk into the Bagdad Cafe they will be talking in a loud voice , but when you walk in they instantanously get quieter , as if to accomodate to the noise level they expect you to make yourself. In other words, they are polite about not increasing noise level with each added person in the room.

When you walk into an american restraunt everybody is talking real loud, and then you have to talk loud, and then be fore you know it , it just keeps getting louder and louder.

Anyway, yesterday my intellectul freinds and I were were talking about how Bush is evil and all the evil Christian things he is going to do to this contry, and we notice that the Arab people were upset about the same thing.

They looked over to us and said, "Bush is a a-hole. America is hated be cause of him. America will be in trouble. "

We all nodded in agreament. This was the first time the polite Arab people at Bagdad cafe had ever spoken to us, and I think we were all pleased.

I ventured to socialize a little bit too.

"Yes , we are in trouble, because Bush want s to make the whole world a totatlitarian police state. Did you see the tanks the other day? Thats just the beginning."

One of the Arab men nodded and said, "This is true. And we will not stand for it. Just the other night George Bushes gestopo came and knocked on the door of my friend Reza and took him a way just like that, just for being a Muslim. We will not stand for it. "

So I say, " Well you know what the grate writer Weesel said, that first they came for the guy down the street , than they came for my brother, then they took away my little dog away from me, and then they came and took me. I shoudl have known in the first place. "

They all looked at each other , and then one of them looked at me and said, "The words are true. So on the words themselves we can be in agreement."

My friend s and I nodded and smiled at the Arabs. We were all happy to be socializing and having agreement.

Then they went back to there conversation and we went back to ours.

But, think about that, Bush came and took away one of our neighbors right here in our own neighbor hood. It's getting closer and closer. We have reason to be scared.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I Don't Know What To Think

Nothing really strange aroudn my city today. I went out for my usual walk this morning and saw no tanks, no soldiers. Nothing. Just the normal people.

I did pass by a park where I saw barbed-wire fence. Well, it wasn't quite barbed wire, but it was just one of those wire fences where if the wire goes hire than the pole and the top of the fence, then it sticks out menacingly sharp at the top.

When I was in Elementary School we had fences like that and one boy was climbing over the fence to get a ball and he got his testicles ripped off by the fence. They were just hanging there. It was sick.

We never saw that boy again. Our teachers said he was too ashamed to return to school. I heard he moved to the Bay Area in California.

Anyway, that fence is a menace and you do have to wonder why they put it up. It wasn't there before. It won't stop me. I will still go to the park if I damn well please.

Another things I saw was a dead bird. It's the second dead bird I've seen in the past two days. Chemicals? Bios?

Daisy's report is interesting and a little unnerving. I'm sure we have all been noticing the strange weather for years. And it just keeps getting stranger. The Day After Tomorrow, the popular Hollywood film, did it's part to get the word out about global warming.

The quick acceleration of the stranggness of the weather does give one pause. You stop and think maybe it's just not just gloabl warming caused by pollutants . Maybe thier is something more to it, like a science project to make a deliberate interruption in the weather or some sort.


UPDATE: I see that Moses Gunn has heard some talk about a weather machine called "THE REINMAKER.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Potential threat from weather?

So SM (Screaming Memes) is asking if we see anything strange going on. Please keep us updated if you do. I have'nt seen anything militery related, but. O.K. Well I don't want to be alarming anybody? Because the last thing we need, right now, is panicing (improtant to stay calm in trying times). But where I live (in general midwestern America) (am also disguising identity - Daisy not real name) it has been raining ALL DAY. I mean. All day long (or if not raining, overcast and defanitly looking like rain soon). All day long, right after day of the election.

Is this just coincidence?? Or is this Phase One (1) in Bush's faschist plans to control the world?

Here me out.

All day rain right after election. Is highly suspect. I mean, the timing is just too perfect. I believe (have theory, just hypothesis here) Bushes cronies are experamenting in weather control and are already begining to implament technologies which will aid them in their quest to rule the world! Think about it. Just for a second (or more). Consider Storm of X-Men (as played by Halle Berrie in movie): remember how easily she was able to defeat foes by usign the weather to her advantege? How much more power would a crackerjack team of scientists and meteorologists wield for Bush? Gosh. (I am scoffing here) I bet he'd go after France first after techniques are perfected, just because (as everyone here knows) Bushies HATE France, also probably to exact sinister dramatic irony on the classic truism "Everyone loves Paris in the springtime" by causing electrical storms to zap people all over the city. Or somethign like that, I am already thinking of drafting a letter to the French Embassy!

But I am on the case here, defanitly going to do more research (to get facts straight) and get back to you all -- hang in there!

Did You See Anything Wierd?

I'm just putting it out there to everybody, has any body else been seeing anything wierd in their cities? I'm telling you, I've been looking at the news all day and there is nothing. There not even mentioning the "Terrorism Exercise" in my city anymore.
The Tanks Have Landed

I'm, must admit, scared, right now. I was awakened this morning by a deafening rumbling sound from seemingly miles away. I could hear it exploding through the streets like a herd of dinosaurs, or like what you might expect a earth quake to sound like. I actually threw myself out of bed and ran out side immediately.

What I found was more frightening than the sound it self.

There are tanks in the streets of my city my friends. And soldires with guns blazing in the sun light , polished and ready to go at a moments notice.

I am completely freaked out thinking what the hell is happening . I s Osama bin Laden coming and the army is getting ready.

But I don't think that is what is happening. What is probably happening is far more scairy than the sound of the rumbling and even than the tanks them selves.

I think what is happening is that even though the Kerry campaign (or should I Presidency) has not conceited, Bush is claiming victory and has deicided to turn his wrath upon his own people.

And turn his nation into a freaking police state.

We will not take this lying down.

Do you hear me George Bush. You anti-Christ. Shame on you. Shame. Shame Shame.

UPDATE: It's Just A "Terrorism Exercise"

I'm feeling a little bit better right now. But I am still shaking.. I turned on the news and they say that it's just a "Terrorism Exercise". Apparently, this is not happening any where else. Only in my city. (I will not disclose the name of my city because I realize that I may have to prepare my self to be a dissedent against my goverment so I will give no revealing facts about myself at all).

I am feeling better, but even if it's just "Terrorism Exercise" that does not mean its ok.

An exercise can be used as a preperation for taking control, and I am aware of that fact. I have taken a lot of histroy calasses over the years , I know about the forward march of the people's will and I know that the powers that be, want to break us. They want to destroy us and use our money.

But maybe I am being paranoid.

Really, I can not believe that my own goverment would do this to me or anybody else. I probably am being just paranoid.

When I look out the window right now, I see that the soldiars are just standing there casually talking, they are not holding their guns up in a threatening pose anymore. One of them is talking on a cell phone, getting orders? One of them is eating a Power Bar. It's probably is just an exorcise.

I will keep you posted. Probably not too worry. Man I can't really think right now, still shaking.