Saturday, November 27, 2004


I was trolling aroudn the deep resesses of the inter net late last night, when I came acrost this:

There are three boxes for use in defending liberty: soap, ballot, ammo. The soap box has collapsed. The ballot box has been usurped. The ammo box is standing by.

Okay, so armed revolt isn't such a great idea, but the proverbial shit is on its way to the fan and it's only a matter of time until it makes contact.

Why are you still supporting Bush? Why are you still supporting MOST of the government? Have you ever heard the phrase "throw the bums out"?

Well, the time to start throwing these bums out was 25 years ago. If we don't drop this partisan bullshit and start voting a little smarter, we're seriously fucked. George W. Bush is a horrible president and he's an exceptionally dangerous man. Our current president is actively working to undermine the entire premise of the American capitalist system that has been honed over the last 100 years. What part of that is not sinking in, friends? If we keep voting in people like this, like Clinton, like the elder Bush - people who pander endlessly to corporate interests - we're going to be ruled by corporations. Every time we go to vote and we don't muster up the courage to flip the bird to the major candidates, we put another man, woman, or other into government that has "special interest" shoved so far up his or her ass that they walk funny.

The DMCA makes it illegal to make your own ink cartridges for Lexmark printers. The FBI wants to know if you use nmap. Law enforcement can request numerous pieces of information about you and gag the person to whom the request is made, making it impossible to prepare any sort of legal defense until after it's far too late.

This is not paranoid rambling, it's 100% true and it HAS BEEN DONE:


What the fuck is wrong with you people? FIGHT. STOP VOTING FOR MAJOR CANDIDATES.
Can it be stopped? I don't know. I'd like to think so.

But I'm not taking too many chances.

if you click his link you will see that he is going to by a gun. What kind of world have we come too when pieceful people like this man and mys elf are considering the purchase of heavy firepower.

yOU PROBABLY NOTICED HIS DIRE warning that the goverment now has made it legal for them to UNPERSON you. I am not sure what this means, but it sound's posativley herrowing. I wander if if the "UN" it's some kind of refrence to the United Nations? I can't imagine that because the UN is on our side.

Any way, we have found yet another personhood who is solid.

If there is anyone out there who knows anything, could you may be please drop me a line, and tell me what UNPERSONED is?

Excises in Multiculturism

I was thinking about Thanksgiving theother day (when it was Thanksgiving, had day of) And some relly distrubing things occrued to me. For instance. Ever notice all of the ads on TV/radio/paper for turkeys? Yes of course duh Daisy you saying but Listen. Didn't they seem more prevasive this year?? And taking into consider the Reputzi Regime of Reporbates... mabey you see where I'm am going with this.

(I'll elucidate though) People are all saying that "Iran next Iran next in line for Bush smackdown!" (cultural lesson from TIWWWB: most people don't know this but Iranians not Iranians Iranians Persians) but after this recent display of "festivities" I am fairly sure that the nation of TURKEY is next! Make prefect sense, right?? (actually probly Bush will go after both Turkey and Iran(persia) just because can/wants to)

So in support of all are put apon Muslim nation friends I'm am going to start using terms common to these peoples. For example. When in the morning you say hello you say "sabaah al-khayr" which mean "good morning!" So easy to incorprate into daily speach.

Also in revrence to G(g)od(s), Islams will OFTEN say "God willing" in ARab after anything said. So like this: I relly hope Reinmaker does not cause any more bad snows to happen, chinchilla (said with accent though they pronounce like chin-chil-LAH').

Anyways it's about time I have to go work now (long day not looking forward to) so everybody have a good day, chinchilla!

Friday, November 26, 2004

I Really Am Being Stalked By The Patriot Act

Woah! I can't belive I wrote all that crap this mroning. Geez, I must of been still drunk. After I wrote all that I stumbaled back into bed and slept six more hours. Just got up.

Im rell embarassed , but I'm going to leave it as a testament to the bohemian life that I have chosen. There are prices that we all must pay for who I am, and mine is embarassment, sometimes.

As it stands now, I think that I shall never again recite poetry. I believe I shall be an older, wiser Memes.

Anyway, the reason I had titled the preivious post "I'm Being Stalked, etc." is because I am. I was giong to try to tell you about what is going on hear at Screaming MEmes, but I got side tracked telling you about last night's adventure in the land of Dianysis and Bacchus.

So, wha'ts going on is this: We (Screming Memes/Daisy the Lamb web site) are getting hit on quite a bit on our traffic counter by the Patriot Act web site. We are clearly being monitord. This is frightening and apalling behavior on thepart of our Nazi jesusland goverment. We are a web site, as such we are endeavored in the pursuit of our free speech. We can say and do whatever we want to. They are bound by the constitution to leave us alone.

but they are monitoring us.

Well, hear goes: Screw You Patriot Act Nazi oppressers. Screw you and the horse you rode in on. Take this, we're gonna tare the whole system down. You're days are numbered. We are not afraid of you and you're opresive laws and you're jackboots. You thugs!

I'm Being Stalked By The Patriot Act

Not felling so good today. Horatio and I were up vary late last night, imbibing thepoets' drink, Singel Malt Scotch - well actaully did not have money for that, so we had ac ouple bottles of Canadian Club insted. It' doe'snt matter much though. In the end it all deos the same thing, you get vary drunk, and you are exhalted into a poetic state (either) above the god's (and all that) poetrie (fr.) comes spewing forth like a piss hurricain ( I guess I still in the either just a bit) and I just coulnd't stop mys elf.

and so at about 2:30 in the mroning we deicided to go down to this litle all-nite internet cafe and spew froth my poetrie (fr.) . I was in quite a state. I wold say probably exalted to the seventh levle of the heavenly bodies, really primed , and so I let forth, and it just came flowing out of me for hours on end. It would not stop .

They finally had to drag me off the stage , still with poetry just streeming froth , but unabel to contain my intents delite I had genially disrobe for alll to see.

It is a little embassing to think of now. But, it all seemd to make sense at the time. I am proud that I did not try to ebb the flow of the god's , but instead went with the jungian flow, the deep subconsious need to be a part of the eternrity of the collective unconcious.

After my spontanious poetrie (fr.) recitle, I met an beaustiful youong asian lady, who helped me on with my cloths and helped me back to my apratment. (don't know what had happined to Horatio by this point) . Here name was Mae, and she was delisious and their was vary mysterous air about her .

Well, I think I will leave the spoils of my poetique confrotaition (overwhemling shock and awe campaign) to the imagination. I will defer to the mystique of love, and not shall escape from my lips, the wandriment.

But, hear's to you Mae, wherever you are, and may be...

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thankgiving? For What, May I Ask?

This year, obvisously, we do not have much too be thankful for. With the chimp in the Whire House and the world at war, their is to much agatation and chaos about for us to be thankful for any thing. To be thankful in a world like this would actully be a kind of secular blasfemy. To be thankful woud be a gob of spit in the face of humanity, a urination of the front porch of goodness itself.

No, I choose not to be thankful, for it is in choosing that I be come fully human.

I choose not to celebrate this quintassential quagmire of american Halledays, this blasfemy of pilgrim's. This quaff of capatalistic capriciousness, this colloquial culinary collission of country comforts. This Bush-leage, bastion, of evangelicle bastard baby-making, bile-bursting, bowling-bumkin, abominations.

No, this year I will not join in with the zero zen of zionist, zircon-wearin', zenofobic, zone of Exon spillin', zephyr-fartin', zoo-o-plankton-killin', zepplin-listenin', zenith-tv-watchin', Zefaniah quotin', zinfendel-slurpin', zinger-tellin', zinnia plantin', zilch creatin', zillonaire worhipin', zippy, zappy, zygoat zombie's of zeal.

I say, if any one would the sense to ask me, we should re name the Halleday, in the name of Bushitler the Chimp in cheif:


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Lesson In Newance

One of the most deliteful things of the liberal paradime is the consept of new ance. The proper use of new-ance allows us to see anything in the world from the compasionete view point that is nesassary. Why is it nesassary? Because a deep sense of compassion will lead us to a place where we will never have to confront anybody no matter what, or make any body change, or even fight wars ever, again.

No body wants to fight wars, right?

I mean consider th children. Children are tender hearted and they would be a scaird to fight wars. I mean, a child is like a flower man. His head just blowing in the breeze. Aren't we like a child? Yes, children do not want to fight wars, and niether do we.

That leads me to the idea that I want to discus to day. It's a bit conseptical, so you have to bare with me.

See, the other day, a kind readre (fr.) wrote in to tell me of the nobel band Moroon 5 - who are such brave comrades (people who stick up for people who can't stick up for thems elves), that they deigned to wear a Arafat t-shrit and kaffiyeh when they wer'e on the MTV Academy Awards show last week.

This takes great corageaousnes and they should be very proud of thems elves for having to swim upstraem like that. (think Martin Luther King)

Anyway, I had some thoughts and hear they are, they contain a lot of newance, so hold on to you're seats:

A bout the Middel-East crises - Jews vs. The land of Palistein.

I think I think like any correct-thinking citizen (who doesn't even need to think anymore to know what is going on in this, Heir Bushitler's jesusland) that the Jews are equelly at fault as the Palisteins (there semitic too).

We need to broke,r a piece where they can both have there land at the same time. We need to follow the Road Map as it leads us(kind of like the yellow brick road) to the Emrald city for our ultimate bettermint of mankind.

If the Jews and the Palisteins (SEMitic) cant' get along than, at that point , we should just let them fight it out, and just kill each other. To hell with them all.

Do you see, that's called newanced thinking, because I am open to every possibilty on an equal level.

If they want to have peace, even if only one side wants peace, then we should inforce peace by any means nesassary.

If two sides want peace than it is possable that we have to take a way all the land from one side, but not the other. (I'm only saying it is possible. All thing's are possable.)

And , if niether side want's peace than they can all just die, like the evil Bushitlerite warmangers they have proven themselves to be.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Noble Peace Prize Sweepstakes Winner Expresses His Solidness With The Movement

I am very pleased to see that word is geting out about what Heir Bushitler is doing to us hear in the Unites States of jesusland.

Austrian Elfriede Jelinek, Literature Nobel Price winner 2004 in the NYT:

I consider the current (U.S.) presidency to be dangerous to the world. I am really afraid of Bush, actually less of him than of the deputies standing in the shadows behind him. Compared to their activities, even Thomas Pynchon's paranoid conspiracy theories are just children's books.

You know what I always say, when things are going bad with you're goverment, ask an Austrain for help.

The peopels of the world (especialy France and Germany and Even Austria) are starting to wake up . I beleive it shall not belong befroe we can expect reenforcements to arrive.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Unstable Weather Patturns

From the Asia Times comes the following herrowing reprot about frightinangly unstable weather conditoins in Califronia:

An unusual type of storm nicknamed an "insider slider" blanketed Southern California mountains with up to 3 feet of snow and even coated desert areas with white.

Children built snowmen and had snowball fights in low-lying towns such as Murrieta in Riverside County, where Chris Sousounis said he was told it would never snow when he moved there from Chicago.

"Somebody lied," he said as he swept piles of snow off his pickup truck.

I think we all know who lied!!!

Notice how news of weather in Californai had to be reproted by The Asian Times. That's because of the complete lockdown on reality going on hear in Heir Bushhiter's jesusland. And their's more:

As much as a foot of snow covered desert areas of northern San Bernardino County, and 6 inches fell in desert communities such as Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms. Lake Elsinore, southeast of Los Angeles, measured 3 inches.

Strong wind in Irvine toppled a tree onto a home, and some of the occupants suffered minor cuts and bruises.

This is truly unnerving. This must be the work of Heir Chimp's dasterdly device "The Reinmaker" agian.

Please do send us in you're verious releases and dispathes on any kind of unstabilaty that you might see.

Dispatch From The Front - The Candian Movement Is Solid

One of our freinds in Canada reported in with this release:

"Bush is wrong, and the people of Canada know it." "The World STILL Says No to War"

"We have brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets to oppose the war, and the time has come to break records"

"Close to two hundred people demonstrated on short notice Monday night--only hours after they learned of the attacks." "We all so opose the occupation of Palestine".

We Are not alone.

In fact, they beleive thye might be close to getting Heir (chimp) Bush brought up on war Crimes and have infromed they're Prime Ministeur (fr.) of it in advance:

Lawyers Against the War, a member group of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War has written a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin, calling on him to rescind the invitation to Bush or risk implicating himself and other Canadian government officials in Bush's war crimes.

With this release, and the news of the solidity of the Canadians movment, I just want to tell everybody, we should be very proud of our selves.

Good job.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Substancial Military Presents

For the3 past two days, things have been really weird. The military has estableshed an intents presents in our city. There are army guys on the corners, imposing with their big guns hanging down around their knees, threatening to go off at any minute. Their are planes flying through and aroudn skyscrapers, buzzing so close you half expect the building's thems elves to come to life and swat the planes a way like so many flies on a summer aftenroon.

Their has been a reapprerance of the tanks again, too. I don't mean to be redundent again, but their there again, so I feel the need to mention it.

If you saw them you would clearly be as a scaird as Iam and we all are.

This is the way , it begins. Tanks and soldiars in the streets, guns hanging down, non-immediate threat, but threat none the less. Just kind of a breking us in kind of threat . Like a prep-school threat , from our Prep-school, skull-and-bones pale-Yalie, Nazi, thug boot, jackass, chimp-in-cheif, Heir Bushitler himpself.

Bushitler is getting us used to our jail cell, showing us around like we're going to an vacation-resort, like, "Don't worry mom , it's a relly nice home youll be staing in, and we will come and visit and bring hard-boiled eggs at least once in a week.

Yeah, but it's going to be a vacation -resort from our freedeom and our sanity, a dip into the chaos that is bushchimps mind. I'm so angry write now that I'm spitting on myself.

Hold on a second.

Ok, I'm back. Tomorrow , we shall rise to the challenge. We shall march in the streets. I'll be prepering placard's all night long. Horatio's bringing the spray paint and stencil machin.

We've hired a young asian boy of about 17 years of age (looks like that one from Tea-Eminem Square) , to stand in front of Bushitler's tanks and be difiant. With any luck we can get on TV.

Does any body else have any suggestions as to what exacly we can do to get on TV?