Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Lesson In Newance

One of the most deliteful things of the liberal paradime is the consept of new ance. The proper use of new-ance allows us to see anything in the world from the compasionete view point that is nesassary. Why is it nesassary? Because a deep sense of compassion will lead us to a place where we will never have to confront anybody no matter what, or make any body change, or even fight wars ever, again.

No body wants to fight wars, right?

I mean consider th children. Children are tender hearted and they would be a scaird to fight wars. I mean, a child is like a flower man. His head just blowing in the breeze. Aren't we like a child? Yes, children do not want to fight wars, and niether do we.

That leads me to the idea that I want to discus to day. It's a bit conseptical, so you have to bare with me.

See, the other day, a kind readre (fr.) wrote in to tell me of the nobel band Moroon 5 - who are such brave comrades (people who stick up for people who can't stick up for thems elves), that they deigned to wear a Arafat t-shrit and kaffiyeh when they wer'e on the MTV Academy Awards show last week.

This takes great corageaousnes and they should be very proud of thems elves for having to swim upstraem like that. (think Martin Luther King)

Anyway, I had some thoughts and hear they are, they contain a lot of newance, so hold on to you're seats:

A bout the Middel-East crises - Jews vs. The land of Palistein.

I think I think like any correct-thinking citizen (who doesn't even need to think anymore to know what is going on in this, Heir Bushitler's jesusland) that the Jews are equelly at fault as the Palisteins (there semitic too).

We need to broke,r a piece where they can both have there land at the same time. We need to follow the Road Map as it leads us(kind of like the yellow brick road) to the Emrald city for our ultimate bettermint of mankind.

If the Jews and the Palisteins (SEMitic) cant' get along than, at that point , we should just let them fight it out, and just kill each other. To hell with them all.

Do you see, that's called newanced thinking, because I am open to every possibilty on an equal level.

If they want to have peace, even if only one side wants peace, then we should inforce peace by any means nesassary.

If two sides want peace than it is possable that we have to take a way all the land from one side, but not the other. (I'm only saying it is possible. All thing's are possable.)

And , if niether side want's peace than they can all just die, like the evil Bushitlerite warmangers they have proven themselves to be.


Blogger iraqwarwrong said...

Well shoot now you've changed the name of the blog to something hell of long. when it's was jsut Screaming Memes, it's like, this was the Idea of the blog. But now it's the People of the blog.

And to think. I was working up the courage to ask you could I be as well also on the Team blog? But now I can't/won't After all there's no way the blog could be called "Screaming Memes and Daisy The Lamb and Iraqwarwrong". That's just would sound rediculous. So ok. Just you guy's then. Oh well.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol!:) But iraqwarwrong knows his name and spirit is always present in the blog. silently there. always.


8:34 PM  
Blogger behind-the-scenes said...

This article is a triumph of truly civilized thinking. Well done!

The civilized world is fed up of all this bloodshed [well, of some of it] and of the rights of a people (Palestinians) to an independent state being violated by nationalist fanatics.

You really captured what we all (civilized) think but sometimes have a hard time articulating. For example, the other day I came across a blog in which an Arab woman wrote: “What reservations can you have about the one state and why? It is the only just solution. Let the settlers stay in the settlements but let every single Palestinian move back to Israel proper. One man, one vote. How many of US will there be in 20 years and how many of THEM will there be in 20 years?”

See what I mean? Obviously US/THEM =civilized/uncivilized" but she's made it sound as though it wouldn't be a bi-national state. As though she likes the solution because the Palestinians would become the majority and only the Palestinians would have a state encompassing both Israel and the brutally occupied terroritories.

And I agree, they can fight it out once they're all in one state. At that point, we'll have done all we could! At least nobody (in the future) will be able to say we supported a genocide!

8:28 AM  

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