Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Screaming Memes Evisserates An Evil Neocon

I have, unfortuanatly had the misfortune of coming a cross a new blogger. A friend sent me a note, with words on it that said something to the affect of, "Get a load of this load." I clicked on the link he provided and was stung by my own worst nightmare.

The IraqWarWasAppropriateBlog by Mr. P. Wallace Hedge.

Well, P. Wallace, actully I hope you dont mind if I call you P. Diddy from now, as I do not want to rededicate the brain space to learning or remembring you're name , you big freakin' Nazi.

Here now, let me let you in on some of the intellectul tripe that comes spewing and sputtering out of this guys whole:

It is enough, I think, or should be, to say that I am a sixth-generation American and a patriot. I am partisan for my country and make no apologies. That being said, it is still my responsibility to show, to borrow the words of our Founding Fathers, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind in explicating our exertion of power, whenever we choose to do so, as we have done in this recent cycle.

He's talking about killing people , folks. He uses a lot of big dasterdley words that go a long way to taking you a long way a way from the truth, which is that Bush is an evil Nazi bent on killing as many people as possible and stealing as much of our money ash e can with his slanted- trickle down piss theory tax breaks.

And who cares if your a friggin' patriotic sixth-gneration prop andyway, buddy, . If you are, than your're a patriot and a sixth -generation slavemaster of an evil regime.

Here's more evil sputum frothing from the feroicious maw of this monster, Mr. P.Diddley Do-Squat:

Personally, I have achieved moderate to, some would say, high success in at least two business ventures, punctuated by an enjoyable if frustrating stint in the public service. In sum, some two decades of this were spent abroad, at times in places best left unsaid and better left to the mists of memory.

CIA? maybe? The old Central Intellidunce Asphyxiation Machinery that has caried on the raping and pillaging of noble men like President Isabell Allende and stealing from his nobel people who are forced to live in cardboard monstrosities they call slums, eating flies and toiling hour after hour at the forced government labour , cutting down the rainforest to feed Bush's war machine.

And notice, too, Mr. P Diddy Dumdroppings allusion to his businees empire. He's a robber baron, peopel. He's a "proud capitalistic White Man." We should all be greatful to eat of his droppings as they crumble our civilization to the floor.

Oh god (figurine) No, There's more:

It is one of my guilty pleasures that I do still enjoy following baseball; something about the nature the game helps to mask the passage of time, remind me of what once was.

Yes, yes, baseball. Well, it slhould be a guilty gilded pleasure for you Mr. P. Diddy Dickwad, because yes, it reminds you of Old America (before the more diverse inner city stylings of basketball took over) back when a White Man could be a White Man and only the African-Americans and the sheep needed to be scaird, right? Remind you of what was? Indeed , you, you, SlaveMaster General.

Oh, god no, make it stop:

I do venture down to take films from the local library now and then. I have a distinct preference for the classic films; call me a fuddy-duddy but something about the so-called "realism" of modern filmmaking, with its gratuitous violence and sexuality, leaves me cold. It warps the mind, for despite the moniker, it is not at all like the real thing. And actors today are like children posturing at recess. James Stewart: now for my money, there was an actor.

Call you a "fuddy-duddy?" Well, actully another f-word comes to mind SlaveMaster P. Diddy Fuddy-Duddy Asshat. Of course, you love the old movies. It's always old with you, isn't it? You vile piece of steeming excertmant. You should be lying on the cold urin-staind pavement of our hollowed-out urban centeres, made to breahte the foul-stench of th poverty that you an d you're illk have bequeethed to us the people, the loneley nightmare valets of your decimated Amerikkka .

O, how I long to end you rein , you evil, vile, sputum upon the lips of the masticating monstous, machiavellian, manicheismatic, machinating, Capitalist fantasm that is Heir Bush's evil United Nazi Regime of jesusland.

No, god (fig.) no, ther's more where that came from, like a bad Ronco commercial selling ginsu knives, only in this case the knives are plunged strait into our backs:

In this world there are large movements, and small. I am here to shed the small and discuss the large, as I lay out the groundwork, drawn from my experience and knowledge, for why the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was entirely appropriate to the circumstance.

You, you, you, Mr. P. Diddley Doddering Old Asshat jerkoff. "Large Movements" you say?

You sir, are the Large Movement.

I stand finnished with my case, you're honor. I commend my soul and strength to the care of the jury of those whom the Bush regime has killed, is killing, and will kill, forevermore.


Blogger iraqwarwrong said...

AWSEOM S'memes. I bet he doesn't know what hit him. I"M admit didn't quite read all what you wrote(rather long) but from what I could glean(skim) you dropped some science on his .

Dhingers can dish it out but they can tak eit? I dont' think so.

2:29 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

I think this guy Hedge must of just only skimmed mostly TIWWWB otherwise how come he STILL doesn't understand?

7:33 PM  
Blogger cloverthe lamb (little) said...

You got him good. He gif up bloging alredy.

up thumbs !

4:39 AM  

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