Saturday, November 13, 2004

Do We Really Want People To Read This?

I don't know what to think , about this. Because I want to get the word out about what Bush is doing here in the former America/land of the free (read: jesusland). But the thing is , do we relly want readers? For god's sake (just a figurine of speach) , the more people who read what is happening, the more likley George Bush will have Daisy and I asassinated.

What happened was Andrew Sullivian (i think hes' an Armenian discent) link3d to us and called Screaming Memes a "brillain't little blog". Well, that's all fine and dandy, if your not sharing improtant (life vs. death/eros vs. thanatos) content such as we are doing here.

We are trying to get word out that George Bush is turning America (jesusland) into a Totalatarian christian Police State. He has tanks in the street, dogs on a leash, Secret servants men with bibles, rain every other day, Dick Cheney with a gun in his pants. and all manner of other nefarious doings, all because he wants to inrich HalleBurton.

We know that which to what you are up (thats' the proper conjugation of the preposition) George bush (chimp) and it's not even funny. Shame on you George bush, shame shame shame.


Blogger dan said...

Don't take yourselves so serially! Andrew Sullivinian, yes, he is of Armenian descent, was joshing.

3:58 AM  
Blogger Topgun said...

Creo que tu opinion es muy sesgada y partidista, pero comprendo tu enojo

4:12 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

Look dan I (we) do'nt think you get it (the point). We (I'm) talking about: potentail asasination plots, hear! We are want to get the truth to the masses but not by putting ourselves in imanent danger. Think about this from are praspective.

4:12 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

Oops, do'nt understand that Topgun.

Does anyone hear speak french?

4:14 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Daisy and Top Gun,
Actually, that is not French. It's portugeusa (Portuguese). They talk el portuguesa in Brazil, Portuagaul, Canada (Kwibec, I think), and the underground. It's kind of a common language for us underground folks (when speaking with diverse folks from other countries) be cause to my knowledge the CIA has still not found a code guy who can crack el portugeusa.

I can understand why you thought it was French , be cause it sounds liek a combingnation of French and Spanish. Anywy, what our diverse comrade said,

"I believe that your opinion very is slanted and partisan, but I understand your anger."

Don't be concerened that it sounds like he is making a negative comment to us. In under ground talk you'r supposed to say something el negativo when you mean something el positivo , get it? So, what he 's relly saying is,

"I agree with you , but you're anger has the potentail to cloud you vision."

El Portuguesa's are a very zenlike people. They rarely let there emotiones get the better of them. we are Americans (not jesuslandians) so we are a very passionate people by nature. I think he just doesn't under stand us. Plus, he's not hear, to under stand the operasession we are going through.

Here, watch now, as I make an effort to communicate back to our comrade,

"Senore El Top Gun,
Ser mane ser sentavos, por favor. Tus pescados esta en la cocina. Me comprendo usted gusta le zen. Pero son americanos (nihilista el tierra de jesus), y una gente muy apasionada.

Usted comprende, por favor, nosotrose somos muy el pisseda (la urina en la cabesa de Jorge Busha), y es muy comprendable, cuando usted traversen un << mile >> en mis zapatas.

Gracias por usted (senores) tiempos,

El Memes de Screamas

There, that oughta do the trick.

5:16 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

Oh okaye, I should have known about that. My brother once dated a Brazilian girl once. Her accent was relly cute. She had cute hair also too, if I remember right.

S Memes you are the MAN (in non gender spacific generalized "humanity" terms), Im have to say it is a good thing we have a languist in residence here. Hope you can reach out to our multi cultured friend!

9:06 PM  

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