Sunday, November 14, 2004

Notes From The Underground

Daisy and I designed this forum (blog) as a way for people to come together and compare notes.

Aproprately enough, many readers have been filing reports with us as to just what is happeening in there towns, cities, villas, ect. , around the nation of jesusland. I would like to share some of these reports here with you now, on the frong page:

Grimace (Report No. 7c-7):

Just wanted to tell you something that I found out. My own local org (short for organ-isation) was ok here getting the christmas (pronounced: christ-must) trees taken down because they were pushing their religion on people too strong.We made them call it 'holiday' trees too, but now we're going to stop that ass well.

The holi in holiday sounds alot like Haliburton (The holi part (or also Halle Burton (The name from Halle Berrie new married with Tim Burton) like someone else pointed out))I don't know if I closed all my ")" things in the last paragraph. But. I'm going to post this n e way.

Good work, freind, about getting rid of the chrismas trees. The part where he notes the similarity of HalleBurton and Holiday (HalleDay) is simply harrowing.

But really, it couldn't be. Mabye we'ere letting our paranoia get the better of us.

(this is starting to remind me of Pynchon's report on the underground movement of the Cold War, Crying Alot 49)

Anway, here's a nother report from Chongito. Bare in mind that Chongito is a "Trust Fund Baby." He's totally down with our movement , but sometiemes he doesn't quite get it, and he slips some of his old reputzi ways. One time Horatio had to take Chongito out into the alley and beat the living crap out of him. But alls well that ends well, cause Chongito came around. Anyways here it is:

Chongito (Report 18w-2):

Damnit Memes, what is going on here! Once we had a
great life! I remember a time before The Chimp
(Dubya), that things were great. We didn't have to be
hated by the world. , we
would hang out al day, times were good!

I don't get it, once upon a time, I was all for those
poor people, I mean with my trust fund, I'm sure I'm
paying a lot of taxes! My dad told my he would make
sure my taxes were taken care of. And here I keep
voting for those poor people to get what they need.
But these farmers or middle class people keep voting
for BuSHITler! What are they thinking! Maybe the
freking poor people are just to dum to know whats good for

Screw them and their frickin' lice-infested bodily excretions (children)

Well, maybe Chongito is wavering a bit. He got the buSHITler part right, but the rest of it? I don't know. Anyway, we've got to help our brother out. I'll notify Horatio. He'll get it straitened out. We all need Chongito. Believe me , he can be very handy to have around when your in a pinch.


Blogger grimace said...

Daisie and the other guys here are totally helping everyone (whole planet) combat this horrible situation we find ourselves in.

Without this cite, I think alot of ppl would be lost or even more lost (loster?). Not knowing what to do to combat the total pyshic war that bush/hitler is constantly putting out there can be tough. Thats why cites like these are important (totally).

ps. I wanted to give a shout out to my own cite (temp). I've put up a link about our latest "Protest Roundup" (we protessed a gas station in our city, complete coverage is there too)

We totally got in a fight with a soccer mom (e.g. security mom). Its all detailed, go to


We should form like a mega-cite. To completely help crush bush/cheney/hitler and get america back! (to the people it belongs to (ie. the people))

8:30 AM  
Blogger Austropithecanthropus said...

I am writing this from the Odenwald. I can't tell if those guys in leathercoats are Germans or Americans. Those black helicopters look the same as the ones over
Cumberland. But I feel very safe here. The very tolerant Dutch all of a sudden are burning mosques and are attacking Moslems. But we don't live near the Dutch border. We mostly keep to ourselves and try not to offend the Germans with our American accents. I will continue to monitor your website for going ons in Jesusland. This will influence our decision when and if we shall return. Maybe we settle somewhere around the Mediterranean. We love it around Livorno. A

4:07 PM  

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