Monday, November 15, 2004


My freind Jaco sent this dispatch in from his own personal front. By way of intraduction, Jaco used to be a musician with some famous band back in the 70's . But now he just pretty much sits around and does'nt do much. Back in the late 80's he had a very traw-matic thing happen. He won't tell me what it was, but he does'nt seem ever to relly have recovered. But anyway, I still dig his music and his musings. In this dispatch he dispells a myth we've all herd.

Parentle Advisory: Be warned that there are some adult language (very mild references to oral sexual behavioure (fr.)) in the follwing dispatch:

Dispatch No. 12vt-6m:

I want to right about something thats near and deer to my heart. Thats burkas.

Because I've had actual experence with them. Beacaus when I was touring with my band Weather Report back in 1979 we toured in Iran right during the Revelution.

Oh baby, thos were heady days (in more ways than one)

1) They were heady days like you only expect a revelution to be because you get caute up in the "frivolity" of the moment (to say something that sounds kind of french)

2) They were heady days because like you wuld expect when a big famuos band is on tour thers lots of head involved, (even in iran) It was grrate. You know what I'm saying?

3) We litrally saw a head chopped off in the street, (rite in front of us) ohm my God, it was so sick. I'm a musiciahn, man. I'm for peace.

Anyway, so we saw burkas becaus we wer there. We saw them. and, its not like they say about burkas.

Its like some of the Iranian men told us, "You westernrs dont respct woman beacuse you objectify her., You do not put her on a pedastal like you shuld. Like We do in Iran. "

"We treat womann with repect because we will not let anybody (and that goes for any one) leer at her in the street, if she is hour sister or dauter or wife. It will not hapen. That is why we ware the burka.!!!."

They culd get prety passiunate about things because in those days there was a revelutioun going on.

Anywa,y, burkas are not oppressive like they say in the Westrn press (no oppressing human rightes) its not like that.

Its like this, burkas are there to prtect woman and thats the way it is, and the3y dont opress woman because a women can do anything while she is waring a burka beleave me this is true. Hav you ever seen how big and baggy those burkas are? A Woman can get a way with anything underneath their.

Its a paradocs, but women are actully more free when they are waring a burka then when they ar not.

Like, for instence, one time I had sex with a women when she was waring a burka right in front of her husband . I just got underneeth the burka with her. And he didnt even notice. He was in the next room watching Happy Days on TV . And he didnt even notice we wer going at it. See what I mean?

Or, another time I herd about a woman who was running a business underneath her burka and no one knew the better.

She was more free to do whatever she wanted to do at any time becaus her husbnd wouldnt even notice. Like I said, it was paradoxcycle.

Love you man,


Update: I am very happy to announce that the good Proprietor, IraqWarWrong, over at TheIraqWarWasWrongBlog, is back in business. I feel like Sam and Fordo did at the end of the Lord OfThe Rings, when Gandalf came riding out of the sunset on his horse Steppewolf. What a beautiful creeture.

UpUpDate: I'd also like to announce a new addition to our family. Little Clover the Lamb, at TheIraqWarWasStillWrongBlogWas/NotWasNot. It's amaizing how Daisy hid her pregnancy all that time. I guess it must be the hot-pink burka she's been sporting these past months.

UpUpUpDate: And, of course theere's ACaseOfSoda, with our own pal Grimace (the purple thing from McDonalds' (evil corp.) , not the angry/paned look.


Blogger grimace said...

Obviously, this is just another monotype heaped upon the back of the arabic people.

Like they don't have enough probs with the bombs, fighting, and hughge waves of psychic monstrosity thrown at them (constantly) from chimp-boy

This is no diff than what they used to do to people that had long hair (ie. 50's - 60's timeframe)

What we need is like an Arabic version of the Beatles to make it 'cool' and accepted to wear them (ie. Burkas or other arabic headgear).

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My contemplation of your dispatch has led me to the tentaive conclusion that the burkha may be the solution to the devastating agorophobia from which I suffer.

I should like to purchase a burkha. I wonder if they sell them on Amazon.

The Plimsoul

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way


The Plimsoul

7:13 AM  
Blogger bloggle said...

I'm saving all my burkhas in my closet for when the revolution comes to Jesusland. And I'm not even a woman.

8:03 AM  
Blogger iraqwarwrong said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:55 PM  
Blogger xstoryx said...

:)! This is so funny!!! Beautiful! :)

4:05 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

The Plimsoul glad to see you grinning (I think? not sure what kind of emoti-con that is particular) but anyway.

bloggle: hi, glad to here about someone giving burkas a try. Not as forcibly on our part suggesting it, but just for the sake of being multi cultured its a graet exercise in helping us relly understand others.

xstoryx: good to see we have sxe'ers in attendance? Very healthy for lifestyle. Keeps mind clear and condusive to seeing the truth about: Iraq war wrong.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ebvrybody., I am travelimng acros Jesisland to my Ant Salys place in Los Alamoss wher I can hide out for a wile.

Im'e a bit parannoid because I dont' have a disguise and the Reputzis' mite reconise me .

I wish I Had a burhka then I coold hide from them wile I'm on the moove.

-- Stileto

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought Stiletos' name was Michle Harris from Ottawa (native american metropolis).

Jerry Mander

6:43 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...


(I have found anyway) that ski masks and long black peacoat (JCrew has relly cute ones this season) are good for fleeing under cover of twilight and also fashion forward style decision. Not quite with coverage of a burkah, but it has to due until Ambercrombie Fitch comes out with their burkah line (I'm expecting any time now).

6:47 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one goes out to all the ladies:

If any of you ladies wouldn't mind, please send me a pictures of you waring you're burkas.

I promise said-photos will be used only for licit (not ill) purposes.

Who Loves Ya' Baby,


7:50 PM  

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