Monday, December 27, 2004

AART - Arab-American Revolutionary's Together

I have forged an alliance with some of my brothers in the movemtn down at the Bagdad Cafe. It happened like this.

They herd Horatio talking one day about how I had been arrested by the goverment and they we're clearly intriegued. So Horatio explaned to them that I had been arrested because of my descent. They replied that they have had many brothers who have been arrested also.

Horatio then launcehd into a triade against the evil Bushitler and it was at this point that they came to knew that we were on the same side.

We had been going to Bagdad Cafe for years with no communication between us and the owners or patrons, but once they undrestood the depth of our hatred, once they had fathomed the profound abyss of our malevolence for Heir Reich, once they came to an apprehension of our invidiousness, the sheet odium, the repugnance, the bitter antipathy, the malignant force, and the occult well of our animus , then they were able to know that we were brothers who would never waver, WE ARE SOLID.

A series of high-level meetings were arranged and we set to the work of negotiating a mutuality of cooperation.

Thus, over time, we have hammered out an agreement whereby we will work together to bring down the Bushitler Reich. Their we're many issues to be discussed. We had to know that we were in agreement on the geopolitical events engaging the entire wrold.

When one understands that the Bush hydra has reached his tentacals into the four corners of the globe than one knows that one must be in accord on all the major issues, or at least know how one shall wrok together wherein, possibley, maybe, one is not in accord, or something like that anyway.

Fro instance, when it came to Israel, we had a sticky point. After all my bodygard Rosen is a viscous and deadicated Zionist. And I, Screaming Memes himslef, is also half a Jew, and I am vary proud of my heritage. But, our nobel Jihadi freinds at the Bagdad Cafe stand in bitter opposition to Israel and to the Jews themselves. When they came to know of our herditary affiliation, they suddenly came to have a look of distrust in their eye.

Rosen said, "What? Are you Jew-haters?"

"We do not like the Jews. The Jews are sons of monkeys and pigs."

Rosen got very angry at this point and jumped on top of the Jihadi and began beating him in the face, screaming "Never Again. Never Again. Never Again."

One of the Jihadis got a very serous look on his face and reached under his large coat with one hand and screamed, "Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar." I began to be a little concerned that he mite blow himslef up. But, another Jihadi calmed him down,and Horatio proceeded to pull Rosen off of the guy, and then Horatio beat the living crap out of Rosen. It was a terrafying display of musculinity.

So, you can see their were some tense negotiations involved in coming to this agreement with the Jihadi Muslims of the Bagdad Cafe. But, in the spririt of compramise I decided to lay down my disagreement s with the Jihadi's on the issue of my Jewishness as long as they would allow me to particapate in the nobel excercise of Jihad against Dar al-Harb.

That's what they call the Bushitler Reich.

I can see grate things in our future. These are people who mean business. And they are willing to stop at nothing. Such a spirit is just what I have been looking fro, and am unable to find, in the local university students.


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