Sunday, January 02, 2005

Snow As Trojan Horse - Possible Chemical Warfare Attack in United Arab Emirates

The infallable, indefatigueable, inconquerably independent Agence French Presse aired a very importnt article yesterday. The geopolitcal implications of this story are harrowing. Here it is:

DUBAI (AFP) - Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah as the desert country experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall.

Dubai airport's meteorology department told AFP that snow fell over the Al-Jees mountain range in Ras al-Khaimah, which is the most northerly member of the UAE federation.

The English-language Gulf News reported that the mountain cluster, 5,700 feet (1,737 metres) above sea level, "had heavy night-time snowfall for the past two days as a result of temperatures dropping to as low as minus five Celsius (23 Fahrenheit)" and stunning the emirate's residents.

On Monday, 12.6 millimetres (half an inch) of rain fell on the desert emirate of Dubai, where it hardly ever rains, as police reported 500 accidents on its roads in 24 hours, including one fatality, as a result of a three-day downpour.

A cold spell has hit the country this week, with the mercury plunging to 12 degrees Celsius (53.6 Fahrenheit) in Dubai on Wednesday night.

The meteorology department, however, said the chilly weather in Dubai, where summer temperatures reach 50 Celcius (122 Fahrenheit), will probably end by next week.

I wouldn't go near that snow if I were them. This is a horrible human tragedy on a massive scale. For anybody with even half a brain it is clear what is going on here. This is just another one of George Bushes massacres of nobel jihadis' everywhere.

However, while George Bushitler has been killing people en mass for quite some time already this is the first reported case of use of WMD's, and this is the first time that the Reich's global warming maching "The Reignmaker" has been used as a delivery system for weapons.

Up until now the Reignmaker has simply been used to cause temporary interruptions in the weather. This time, however, it has been used to drop chemical weapons laden snow on the mountain peaks of the United Arab Emirates.

Oh, the humanity. Can you imagine all the little children, seeing snow for the first time in their lives, scampering up into the moutains, with corn cob pipes, and buttons, and carrots to set to work of making their very first snow men? There are now mountain slopes filled with half-finished snowmen and little Arab Emirati's laying dead, or in the throes of seizures associated with chemical weapons.

And don't get me started on what will happen when the thaw starts. Massive rivers of chemicals cascading down the mountainsides rushing like a tidal wave of death and desturction into the streets of Dubai. Never will we have seen mass causlaties like this since the Plague of the Dark Ages.

The UN will have to spend enormous resources building sturdy tent cities to house they're altruistic legion. Floods and tons of food and drink will have to be airlifted into the outskirs of Dubai to ensure the safety of the UN peacekeepers. Humanitarian aid stations will stretch as far as the eye can see as the UN reaches out to the young Emirati girls and boys with that special care that only the UN can despense upon the noble underprivaleged locals the world round, as they have been called to do recently in places like the Congo.

In the meanwhile, while we wait for the frist reports of death tolls to start to snap and crackle off the wire systems of the tireless media, we can only wait and pray for our movement to manifest itself in the streets of the United States.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a tireless teller of truth. We need to express our grate gratitude for you.

If I were you, I would be afraid to do and say the things you do and say. Espcially in the age of the Echolon super-computing decipherer.

I take note of you're recent seeming conversion. I am glad you have finally found a path on which you can be at peace and move forward with you're tireless slef.

Not Jim

6:33 PM  
Blogger moses_gunn said...

Those of us who have seen "The Day After Tomorrow "
know was unexpected snow brings next:
Hungry Rogue Wolves!!
Warn the kids!

5:18 AM  
Blogger EvilPundit said...

They said I was mad when I bought out the only Central Heating Manufacturer in the Middle East! But I'll show them all! Soon, thanks to Halliburton's Reinmaker, I shall be richer than Howard Hughes! Hahahahaha!

4:00 AM  

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