Friday, December 31, 2004

Doing The Undoable

Were gonn be celebraiting the new year here in about a half a hour. 2005 will be evntfull because is twill be the year that we dwstroy Bushitler and his gang of gulag maintining a-hole freaks.

Happy Nw Year to all my feirnds out ehtehe in Memesland.

I lvoe you all.

Merry freakin' new years,

S. Memes - and all that, their's something seems very profound agbout that right notw.

Hapy New year. Happy christman. war is over is you want it. wat is over if you want it. War is over if you want itr.

I love you all, man. I love you .

Are you having a good tieme to nitnb? I hope,sot because me and ngude and horaitio are havintga a great time, and I can tell you are too.

Happy znew year to Daisy whereever she's is. and to clover (the lisstle _ lamb . and to my deep friend IraqwarWropjngn. I loe yu man. Not in a way, you know whati maqne.

And I wantito drop a shout out to Rosen. rosen, we love you even if you are a zionist dog. I wish we could have fouedhn comon grouhnd but all ass it was not ment to be.

Dick cklar, I hope you're head feel s better.

Snoot dogg, lay off the cheeba for a few hours mand, hit it afeter midnitght.

Happey new year to grace slick, you still got it honey. My first wet dream was to your sound trakc. White rabgit baby. One pill makes you hared3r and one pill makes you soft and the one that mother gidves you anit worth nothing at all.

And to my motehr , I jhope you die ths year so I intherit all of you're money.

Screw you. you .. uhie

happy happy ahppyh.

I love youtjpeoplememes


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