Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Great Apithy Is Spreading - The Forward March Of History Has Stopped Cold Turkey

I sense a lack of my own relavence. It seems a great apithy is spreading across our land.

I know and have known that when fascists are not writing in to me and calling me names, and when I no longer have clamoring masses of proletariat asking me questions and speaking truth to power, then my movement is stuck.

It seems my movement has solidified and hardened into apithy.

I'm guessing that the reasons for this are manafold. Perhaps for instence, no body cares that Bush is hitler any more. Perhaps fro instence, no one cares if we call him Bushitler any more.

But, the most frigtening reason of all is perhaps that the fascists just aren't afraid of us anymore. They believe they have nothing to fear, since it seems to them that Bush fairly stole the election and that he's going to get a way with it.

They now seem to think that we people of the movement are nudered. That we are a bull without balls, nothing to fear. Well, the truth of the matter is they are right, because apithy has spread within as well.

Every one is just to contented.

It seems like when things are going well, than no one cares about the movement. If things were going badly then we could strat moving forward once again. Things have to go badly befroe I can make history get better.

And so, alas, behold, the long forward march of history comes to an end. I, Memes, do proclaim that it is over.

And don't froget, Drink Snapple while you are overthrowing the goverment.

And the wurst part of it all, is that Daisy stole all my Snapple money and is off sitting on a beach somehwere in California sipping on blue drinks and being catered to by gigoolos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, use ur spellchecker, and a dictionary. or "Words Into Type"

apathy, not "apithy"
relevance, not "relavence"
manifest, not "manafold" (which is "manifold" anyway)
instance, not "instence"
Hitler, not "hitler"
frightening, not "frigtening"
"neutered" not "nudered"
content, not "contented
start, not "strat"
before, not "befroe"
forget, not "froget"
government, not "goverment"
worst, not "wurst"
somewhere, not "somehwere"
gigolos, not "gigoolos"


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