Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Trains

Preface: In order fro you to know just how herrowing and terrorizing the events herein described have been to me, it is fisrt nessessary to know that I, Memes, is half-neocon, I mean Jewish. Little slip there. I'm just in the habit. Anyway, that's right I, Memes is half-neocon on my father's side. This makes me not an official ne Jew, because the lineage in the jewish tradition is matrilingual therefroe, I am not considered a real neocon. I hope I am making myslef clear hear.

Anyways, so I ventured out today for the frist time in days. The streets are still crowded with soldiars. I had to make a crossing over to the Reichland (used to be called Queens) in order to meet with some nebulous forces who shall remain nameless. Now, understand, I, Memes, is not used to having to take publice transportation. I use my car, or, if I don't feel like driving, I order a car. When I go to the hamptons to pick up my stipend from my mother, then a limo comes for me. In my whole life, I have only taken public transpo twice, both times just for a hoot when I slumin with a particualrly slutty chick.

But, I can not use my car now, because of the check points. It takes to long. Hours at each check point can make a trip to the Reichland take 12 hours round trip and back. I would run out of gas, just sitting there in my stew.

For the same reason, taxi's and limos refuse to attempt passage. They stay in the Land of the People (what used to be called Manhattan) at all times. This leaves just the subway trains.

So, I'm frightened enough just to think that I will have to spend time with the rabble who ride the subway. And I was very tired because I couldn't get too sleep til 4:00 in the morning because of my anxiety over the impending trip to the Reichland. When I finally fell asleep it was so late that I woke up just in time to run out the door.

When I got too the staiotion and got herded undergroun, lines were alreadt almost impenetrable. Imagine thousands apon thousands of cows all mooing and chewing their cud, and passing their gas, and you will get a picture of just despicalbe the human rabble is at the station.

When I finally got too the front of the line, The secret policeo of jesusland demanded to see my Id and asked mme where I was going and why. I told them it was "none of your business Herr Gestapomeister." He didn't take to kindly to that and he backhanded me with his rifle. I fell to the floor screaming. He ordered me to my feet and said "Go loser. Go ahead. And don't froget to take a shower ..."

I got on the subway train with those words ringing in my ears. A shower? What could he have meant by that? Where was this train taking me? Would I die hear among the masses? Was I speeding to my doom at some new Auschwitz they may have built up in Albany?

The memories of my ancestral relations were crying to me from within my head. "Don't get on the train. Don't get on the train. Whatever, you do , don't get on that damned train." But, I had to get to Reichland. What was I to do? After all, I can not be sure if I am just being Paranoid! I don't know what to think.

when the door opened in Reichland and I was ordered to get off the train, I wondered if the Scecret Police would be there to excort the whole lot of us, but they weren't .

It was as if the whole sky had prated and shone down all of natures' rays on just one of my eyeball all at once, when I came above ground and realized that I had evaded the cluthes of the jesusland regime once again. But, it is an ominus reminder of how the jaws of death are circling and slowly closing on us. There is NO WAY OUT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The're are no hope fro us!!!


7:17 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

You took the word right out of my moouth.

8:00 PM  

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