Friday, February 18, 2005

Totalatarianism Alert - I, Memes, Is Forced to Particapate In the Reality Show

I used too be abel to make money selling advertising on my web magazine, Screaming Memes. No longer. Now, I am froced to particalpate by running advertisiments for the jesusland Corporation.

I'm am sorry. One must understand that one must do what one must be forced to do. I will have to sacrafice my principals because it is more important that the world has access to this web magazine than that I live up to my values.

I learned this from my good freind Zack de La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. Along time ago I asked him how he was able to work under a slave contract to a major record label putting out ablums which only benefitted the evil capatalisic empire of the U.S.

He told me that he had to sacrafice his princapled stance against capatalism in the interest of making money so that he could go on telling the world what it needed to here. If he didn't have as much money as he now has (very nice house and cars) then his voice would'nt be as loudly felt.

So, here goes, jsut so as I can pay the bills fro another month:

When it is time to drown you're sorrows, Remember to drink Freedom Beer

brought to you by the jesusland Croporation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Memes, that's ok, people have been doing it for years. Look at John Kerry, he sacraficed even more, he married money so he could bring his message to the people. If that isn't the ultimate sacrafice, marrying the heir to the Heinz fortune!

1:00 AM  

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