Friday, February 18, 2005

Negroponet Joins Dark Power Forces

The George W. Bush government is a team of shadows whose highest ranking officials rank among the darkest of US reactionary political fauna, Granma newspaper┬┤s international page denounces Friday.

According to the paper, each time Bush nominates an official for a post, he picks the worst of all, and together, they make up the worst, gloomiest, cruelest and most messianic administration of all.

His recent nomination of John Negroponte as first national intelligence chief, a position above the country┬┤s spying network, with huge powers and a large budget, proves the above-mentioned assessment.

From now on, Negroponte will direct US spies and the agents who torture and scheme assassinations and coups in the world.

As ambassador to Iraq for less than a year, he became the US proconsul, the figure on which the "Government" of Iyad Allawi counts for all decisions, the mastermind of atrocities such as the rocking of Fallujah, torture camps, assassination of journalists and shut down the numerous irregularities, frauds and bribes.

His dossier is as sordid as his role in Iraq.

On his recent appointment, Bertha Oliva, coordinator of the Committee of Families of Missing in Honduras, where he worked as ambassador and was close to the military regime between 1981 and 1985, said, "that is incredible," the US even made up a post to please a disastrous character of the history of Honduras and Central America."

In Honduras, Negroponte played a decisive role in the organization, training and weapon supplying of the counterrevolutionary forces fighting the Sandinista National Liberation Front during the Ronald Reagan mandate.

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His reign there contributed to the increase of human right violations and tortures, missing of leftwing members and the creation of an intelligence squad that kept assassinations silent.
The newly-nominated intelligence director was an assistant to the National Security Agency in the George H Bush administration, and ambassador to Mexico and the Philippines.

When the Senate took six months to name him ambassador to the UN, Negroponte stated, "I do not think death squads operated in Honduras."

Since he was used to saying lies, it was obvious Bush set eyes on him, although his attempts to materialize the UN Security Council approval of the aggression on Iraq failed short.

According to Mexican La newspaper, John Negroponte is a hawk with a reputation for combining an iron-shaped character with a velvet glove," and closely tied to the Iran-Contra case.

The online daily said Negroponte promoted repression, and the Nizkor organization accused him of overseeing the Aguacate air base where the Nicaraguan counterrevolutionary forces were detained and torture.

Several corpses of alleged 185 people murdered and buried at the base were found in August.
Thanks John, the White House provided the Honduran military regime with over one billion USD allowing feed the Battalion 316 the Central Intelligence Agency and the Argentine military regime trained.

Allegedly, the Battalion 316 was involved in the missing of 140 people.

The website reported Negroponte was the highest US official connected to the aggression on Honduras; therefore, the Nuremberg laws against people responsible for war crimes can be applied to him.

However, instead of taking him to court, the Bush administration designated him US ambassador to the UN in 2001.

In July 1995, the Baltimore Sun newspaper headlined: "Honduras: when Negroponte and the Argentine Army members turned it into the inferno."

"When a wave of torture and murders shake a small ally to the US, the truth is included in casualties. Did the CIA involve in it? Was Washington aware of it? Did they deceive the public?," indicated the paper.

"Now we do learn from it: yes, yes and yes," Granma concludes.


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