Friday, February 18, 2005

The jesusland Burka

The sun went down at 2:30 Pm yesterday. It did not rise this morning.

There is a palpabel darkness spread over the land. It corresponds with the inner darkness evadent on the faces of the doomed citizenry. Wild rumour's abound about the flash in the sky and the warm wind, and most strnagely the static electricity leaping from inanamite objects.

I saw a woman burned by a bolt of the electricity. She fell to the ground in a seizure, throbbing like a fish as the frightened people stepped around her and hurried home.

There is no news on the TV about what iis happening to us. Instead, there are alternating "bible studies" and music video shows, fearuting Britney Spears, and Hillary Duff.

The jesusland Reality Show has been fitted over the contours of truth like a burka. No more facts excapes. The truth is our shame. We are denied from looking at it. The powers that be fear our lust and the monsters we would become.

We are deviants of truth. We would like to molest the truth if we could get our hands on it. People meet in alleys and copulate aurally, speaking their little wedges of truth. But, alas it is like phone sex, or internet sex, unfulfilling, completely based on fantasy. Mastubatory, solipsistic.

We will not recognize each other anymore, nor will we know oursleves.

We are lost in the System of War. A black hole from which no substance can excape.


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