Friday, February 11, 2005

Hansel and Gretl and George Bushstain

Something has occurred to me. What it is , I am not exactly clear about yet, and yet at the same time, in some ways it seems infinitely clear.

Here it is.
I 've have been thinking about 9/11. there has always been something strange about 9/11 if you ask me. The thing is, I was there almost. I was living in the Village at the time, and I was out for my morning walk. I always like to start my day by venturing down to the business district by the WTC. I find nothing so inspiring as to watch all the little Goebbels, and Eichmans in their daily processional to the office so they can be there in time to drop the Zyklon B into the chamber and start the killing that is the Capatalist System. I love watching the looks of horror on their faces as they face the daily terror that is their lives. I love to watch them wallow in their psychological excrament, like a dog to their vomit they are. Discusting pigs.

Anwyas, so I was about 7 block from the WTC, straight up the street when I heard a jet come whooshing overhead vary loudly. I looked up just in time to see the awestriking aesthetic pinwheels of fire created by the jet pieercing the first TC buidling. It was an explosion writ large a kind of simulacrum of fire. I found myself so surrounded by the trappings of the Capatalist mindset and it's pseudo-real frame of referance, being mired in it's very presence, that I couldn't bring myself to except the reality of what I was seeing.

Surely, the trade center it slef was just a big screen TV upon which I was watching the simulated "Apocalyse brought to you by Microsoft."

But, slowly it dawned on me as I stood there looking into the gaping maw of the 82nd floor of the first building that I had truly just witnessed a jet crash . And I understood that there were really people up there dying, and not just figuratively for once. This time, they were truly dying.

I could sense that there was something not quite afoot here. Jets don't just fly throught the center of Manhattan at low altatude like that. I stood there drinking my Starbucks cooffee and wondering aloud to myslef. "What is wrong with me? There is something afoot here, and I can't figure it out?"

Just then I herd another roaring whooshing like the sound of a billion lions roaring at the same time, and another exploosion of pinwheels and coloredlights and fire billowing. it all seemed to happen in slow motion, like an instant replay on the National Nazi Nightmare SuperBowl Nuremburg Rally. Cue John Madden, "Yes Dan, watch here as the tight end pierce the defenses and penetrates the back end of the defense in a virtual rape strategy of the Capatalast construct. Yeah, the hole country just got gangbanged."

"Thanks John."

It was at this point that I, Memes, passed out in a puddle of my own urine.
But from where I sit now, I can see the truth. Then I saw through a glass darkly, now my doors of perception have been cleasned and I see the conspiracy as it is ... Infanate.

All you, one, needs to do is look at the events of the years which have come since the 9/11 tragedy. Littered upon the landscape are the unmistakable breadcrumbs of the Bushstain Milatary Industrial complex, leading us like a trail right back to the wolf's house posed as our Grandmother. Consider the evadence:

Diebold, Richard Perle, Halleburton, Dick Cheney, Enron, Preston Bush's Nazi connetctions, the Skull and Bones, Oil, Wall Street, Bunker-busting Nuclear weapons, Joseph Lieberman, the whole nefarious shadow banking system, the JFK assassanation, the oppression of voices like Ben Affleck and Sean Penn, the Iraqi invasion of the first day of Spring (pagan halleday of the masons) , the feudal system of hire taxes for the poor, the company store of Nike/McDonalds/Coca-Cola, William Kristol, Britney Spears, Abu Ghraib, the destruction of Dan Rather's reputation, Donald Rumsfeld, no WMD, depleted uranium, unguarded museum of antiquities, Guantanamo Bay, AIPAC, the "bloggers",

each one of these another breadcrumb leading down the path to the rabbit hole, which leads to the truth which has hit me in the face, with all the lucidity of the proverbial "ton of bricks":
I know now, what the truth is. I know the truth now. I know it, and no one could take it away from me, because once you know, you just know. I have awakened from the deep dormancy created. I've got it on good authority


There it is. The truth in all it's technicolor glory. The Capatalast System (and you know who I'm talking about) conspired to bring about bring about 9/11 so that they could COMMODIFY THE ENTIRE WORLD.

George Bushstain and his evil group of shadowy brooding vipers have craftily stolen the entire world right out from under our noses.

There is no getting around this truth. It is our hypperreality.


Anonymous kosisok said...


just like the (so-called) "moon ladning"' inside a soundstage in new mexico???

9:16 PM  
Blogger notmemes said...

hi mems to terifying, A friend of mine says he grew up wiht Osoma Bin Ladin... in Baltimore. Says real name is "Jeffrey," entered CIA aftir colege, disapeared. I'm to terrified.

Seems CIA created Osoama as media event in JRS (jesusland reality show), then fil in what you discovired on resarch, 911 inside job, and you get that CIA created everything in world except world adn cosmos (that was evolutin, duh).

6:07 AM  
Blogger Screaming Memes said...

Hi Not Memes,
Memes here. You are right. They did create Osama as an media event.

The jesusland Realtiy Show got big big ratings that week didn't it?

There's a lot of money to be made in Television. Just think of when they go into syndacation on this.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Screaming Memes said...

Hi Kosisok,

Are you Eastern European. You;re name has a faintly Chezch fragrance about it?

as I was saying. I have a friend who was on the soundstage when they videotaped the "moon landing". He says Neil Armstrong was being a real drama queen about making sure they got the lighting right fro his closeup, and make sure the fast motion (to simulate lower gravity) doesn't make him look like a dancing fairy.

You know that one line about , "One small step for man, one giant for Amerikkka,"?

Well, it seems Armstrong had too be qued over and over before he could get it right.

What a loser,

Screaming Memes

10:37 AM  

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