Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dispatch From The Front -The Partition - Front 242 (the goverment has) partioned the city into five distinkt boroughs. (I won't say which city it is that I live in, because I am underground). They have given names to the boroughs. Their's the Land of the People, the Black Land, Riechland, the West Bank, and the Giza Stripmallland.

They've set up checkpoints all over the city. They do strip searches and background checks for passage.

No mention on the major news outlets of yesterday news that Eason Jordan CEO - CNN News) has revealed the goverment has been murdering journalists and UNPERSONING them.

There's seems to be a total lockdown on reality on the mainstream news. We must rely on word of mouth (WOM).

These are frightening events which are shaping us. I feel all twisted up into pretzels. I am a pretzel within a pretzel, spinning like a mandala of anxiety. I don't have time to go into it now. I have to make a crossing over to the Lower Blacklands so I can see my shrink.

I expect it to take hours.


Blogger notmemes said...

memes hope everything ho down good

just red maost alarming piece ever, about historyans who tel truth get slapped down for quote inquote plagiarism.

like book "arming amarikaa""

memes, i don't understand, we KNOW guns are bad, if book helps lower guns PEOPLE STOP DYING isn't it good? importint thng less guns.

i think so??? hat these holy crisades agains fredumb.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Screaming Memes said...

Hi Not Memes,
I cna't make heads or tails of what your're trying to impart unto me. I am vary confused and scared right. Not thinking stragiht.

Screaming memes

12:25 PM  

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