Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Corruption Is Amok

A govermen approved "pastor" has taken over the airwaves, 24 hours a day. He drones on about salvation and sheep and dissipline, and I can't maek heads or tales of what he's.

The streets are empty after 7:00 PM. Noone ventures out because of fear tha the milatary police will shake you down. Corruption is amok. The soldiars will stop you fro no reason, and just stare at you, guns cocked until you give them money. In this way, they make no explicit demand fro you're money, so as to have plausable denibility.

When you do hand them over you're money, they take it, demand to see you're Id, take down you're address andthen they say they are going to check the "contra-band" for traces of cocaine use. In this way, they assure that you will never reprot them, because you are just too scaird.

New products are showing up on the sshelves of the markets. "Freedom Soda", "Freedom Meat", "Freedom Beer", brought to you by the "jesusland Authority". These are the products of the croporations that the Bushitler regime occupied in the frist days of the grate consoladation.

People are fried from their jobs at tech companies and industries deamed to be "not Freedom-centered", they are then relocated to jobs witht the jesusland Authority. Men and woman who were pulling down upwards of $150K writing code, or as executives are now working in factories processing "Meat" and all the other stragne jesusland products.

The "Meat" by the way, tastes vary strange, and sometiems theire are moving entities within. The "Soda" tastes a little bit like beer, and the beer tastes a little bit like soda.


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