Monday, February 21, 2005

The Beach

Maui. I don't know what the word means in the traditional Hawaiian language, but to me it means breathtaking beauty. We're staying at a luxury resort Hotel, nestled into a cove which seems to be the original garden.

Horatio and I took a walk out on the beach early this morning. Green foliage and blue water and white sand. Clean sharp colors at first glance. A picture postcard world. We rented "boogie boards" and I went out onto the water at a time of low tide. There really weren't any waves to catch. So I just layed there on my board and thought.

I rest in the ocean rolling in and out, in and out. The Earth's inhalation and exhalation, nature contemplating itself, and finding that it is good. A long period passed and then, I look around at the sharp colors again, and find this whole place, this beatiful cove, the sky, the water, Maui herself, it is all a jeweled-prism; the ten-thousand facets of light-refracted, and sparkling all around me.

I was dazzled. A deep feeling welled up inside me that I can compare only to the the pristine rush of first love. A mysterious need, a velvety thankfulness at one's being having been taken note of. I suddenly felt not so small in the universe, but instead, I experienced an ineffable but visceral sensation of profound individual resonance. I felt bottomless, and yet supported. A feeling of falling, but with universal guidance.

I really don't know how to put these feelings into words at all. I must say, I'm not quite sure that they are even feelings. There was something very real about this "experience". Something more akin to a pang of hunger, or a slap in the face. In other words, real, not felt. Not emotion-based. But instead deeply physical, and yet, at the same time, wedded with a more mysterious spirit.

It was astonishing. That's the word for it. I can say no more.


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