Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The jesusland Reality Show

Bushitler has just announced that we need to perfrom an "extreme makeover" on the entire third world, in order to feel safe in our own homes. He wants to make everybody free, whether they want it or not. But, to the Chimpmeister, reality doens't mean what it does to you and me. Reality is your free to be on TV

I call this The jesusland Reality Show. jesusland/Amerikkka has manafested itslef as the reality show that swallowed up the globe. It poses as freedom, but it's really just a trojan horse for the imperialistic manuvers of thirty second commercials to invade the globe. We can go nowhere now, without being under the camera of the Reich.

The jesusland Reality Show is the biggest "hit" to ever have exploded onto the airwaves.
Everybody is smiling fro the camera, but inside we are nervous, anxious, frightend. Our real sleves don't make it onto TV. In this way we have fictionalized the hole of the planet. The jesusland Reality Show is the biggest fake since the Quiz Show Scandals of the 50's, or the "Apollo Landing" theatrics.

The question then becomes, how can we be real, if we are all just part of The jesusland Reality Show? The answer is we need to supplant oursleves in history, and grow roots deep in the soil of what was once the Home of the Free. We need to look to our forfathers and imagine what they envisioned for our role in creating histroy. It was history which has led us to where we are, which is a place we hate. So, if we want to change our situation, what better place to learn than from history? Cause, if at first you don't succeed, do it again and again until you do.

The grate George Washington warned of "foreign entanglements." The second President Adams asserted that "we go not abroad in search of monsters to destroy." Instead we need to distroy the monster that roosts in our vary hearts. That being Bushitler the Monstrosity of Rampant "Freedumb"

If we would just submit oursleves to histroy, we would know that we should just bring our boys home, and leave the world alone. Leave all the third world people alone. They are not "our people", why should we waste our boys on them. They don't want to be free. You can't teach a pig to sing.

Hat tip: Jean Baudrillard

Oh, and, by the way, I, Memes, says drink Snapple while your overthrowing the goverment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are onto something big here, Memes. I think we should interrogate the broader global history though, as that would be more nuanced. In the 1920s, in the depth of Wold War I, the finest minds in Europe realised that Westren Culture was hopelessly corrupt and had to be destroyed. They gathered in Basel, just down the I-10 from Edinburgh, and created dadaism. They destroyed the rigid capitalist ethos with nonsense. But it returned, and now we on the left should do the same. We have been making sense for at least months nowe, and where does it get us? The Republican War machine roles on, destroying everything in it's path. But people don't buy are sents; they proffer the capitilast fantasy world of the Amerikan Dream! We need to stop making sents, to destroy sents-- Let's give the masses shiny little trees and pointy wine!

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