Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Gloves Are Off - Screaming Memes Faces Down Pastorius

I got into it with that evil neocon, Pastorius, over at CUANAS yesterday. Click this lnik to see argument in comments section.

It started out when he said something that was so evil and slanderoius, and , that the nice proprietors of the IraqWarWasUniverse blog had to cenosr him and remove the comment. After that, I tore him a new a-hole, and he repsonded, and a few other famous IWW people put in their too cents. It was a rip-roaring time had by all, that's fro sure.

The fight still rages on. He started off saying he doesn't know who I am, but then he has tried to insinuate that this blog is a satire created by him.

Do you see why I call him a evil neocon? Cause neocon's try to control the hole world like diabolical puppetmasters. When they can't control you , then they simply say they invented you. I'll bet next thing, he's gonna sue me and say he has a patent on my name, or soemthing. He owns me like a SLAVE.


I will have no right to my own name anymore, by court order. I will have to change my name to a sign like that poor africna-american rock n'roll musican Prince (is he straight, or is he gay? I'm just asking?)

Here's my new name, for anybody who cares about me.



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