Saturday, December 04, 2004

ATTENTION: U.S. Goverment

This is Daisy the Lamb. Of Screaming Memes And Daisy The Lamb Blog. I know you have been watching us (Sitemeter does'nt lie,!) closely lately. I know Echlon has been monitor us. I KNOW that you have kidnaped Memes and taken him to I don't know were. What I want you to know. Is that, this is the most extreme case of SODA I have ever presonally encountered and that I will not stand idlly by while you submit Memes to faschist tortures to get him to stop telling the truth. But your not going to get what you want (squish discent) Becuase here at SMADTH, we do not negotiate with terrorist (YOU).

I supose you are coming after me, next. Well let me tell you. I won't go with out a fight, and all of are loyal commenters will know what happen to us.

You can't stop teh resistence.

(Note to Stileto: hi if you could give me directions to your Aunt Sallys in Los Alamos that'd be GREAT becuase I'm pretty sure I think I need to leave town pretty soon now and all my Aunts live local to here.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ma rell wrorries bout Clover. Last thnig she pulbished were trukey T-shrit and not bin herd fro snince.

She wsa wrighting reglarly to me but nothnig snince her last lettre ovre 2 weks ago. I look at her hoove-drawn fnot and fel so emty now.

Ples hlep.

Anon (not lamb) (not M)

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking Daisy'll be the next one to go:((( I just hope they'll put her with memes.

Clover, if u haven't been kidnapped too, u have(!) to take over!!!



6:42 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

I know, I KNOW, and I am relly scared for my self (also Memes and probly Grimace becuase we don't know were else he could be). The thing that worries me about Clover is that, remmeber Mahmoud? Her new lamb friend. I am concerned that what if Mahmoud was a wolf in shep cloths? And has now taken little Clover captive.

Oh my goodness I am just wringing hands right now with all this goings on.

You know who I suspect is behind this is that P. Wallach Hedge who has had it in for all of us since the very begining. He probly reported Memes and me to the Secret Police and is in leage with them. Hedge is behind all of this SODA (I'm am pretty sure). Mr. Hedge, j'accuse (Fr.) (you)!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daisy, I'm disturbed by the fact that Memes is gone as posted by Horatio. I noticed that you have been wathced by which is the Idaho Nuclear Engineering Laboratory in Arco, Idaho. I'd be that those guys are tyring to turn Memes into some form of glow-in-the-dark special agent using thier typical mind control and heavy water juice. You could be next, so get a led lined suit even if you're gunna get out of Dodge. Could to be that Bush always says "nukular" as some kind of code for this type of thing?

If you need me to I'll go there and slap them, and I'll slap them hard.I'm already on the list with the secret police. Just let me know.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm suddenly thinking what a g8 life Osama bin Laden has. An amazing life. The kind that only science fiction characters have.

The entire world (practically) against him (This is not a case of paranioa or delusion) One man fighting the world. Living in the outdoors. Planning, ordering. Breathing the fresh air every day. The new Messiah (it's not like the work we do on the blog isn't important but his is far more).

Just incredible.

Those who join in get to partake. Each one gets a little piece, a crumb of true significance. Something higher than ordinary mortals. Bigger than life.

And now, bcs of him, memes and grimace and perhaps even clover are gone. We should have suspected clover's new friend, you're right, but who could have guessed a name like that signalled danger?

Wherever you r memes, I hope they're treating you ok!!!
and especially clover (little).


10:09 PM  
Blogger notmemes said...

it looks bad.

but i winder if i'll miss memes. could the gov ever get him, really? won't he just metamorfasize into something else?

was his presence ever just an absence?

i asked my dad and he said go get laid.

2:13 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

"DB" (I'm assume): Do you think I could have some one put like a led lining in my J.crew trench coat? I check out led lined suits online and: not relly that cute. About the slapping. Gosh if you are alreddy on the Secret Police list then you are pretty brave to think about strolling in there (I'm imagine Matrix Keanu Reeve style exept with out guns). That shows willing. Makes me proud to have you as a commentor.

"but who could have guessed a name like that signalled danger?"
For sure but I feel like I (as fellow lamb) failed little Clover/should have been better big sister figure and watched out. (big sigh)

notmemes: I wish there was someways I could find out where real Memes is becuase I'm thinking. What if I just rented Alias season one and two and brushed up on my hand to hand combat skills and tried to get him out, myslef? I mean rmemember when that Taibo exersise craze was in full force I was RELLY good at Taibo (similar to fighting). What do you guys think.

4:20 AM  
Blogger notmemes said...

oh daisy, your the sweetest girl in the world.

but i'm pretty sure memes is dead.

if he comes back, we'll know for sure, that he is.

good night sweet prince.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Dasey this is tereble!

Ant Saly is the best Im's sure shell putt you up. Il'e get bak to yuo with detales.

-- Stileto

8:18 AM  

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