Saturday, November 13, 2004

SODA Not Shopping in Chicago

I was recently, in Chicago (for shopping trip/had to find season musthaves like ( which mean reputzi girl seems to think stupid and shows high degree intollarance) poncho). And I was walking just along the sidewalk? And this couple (forein, had accent not sure where from) (but not diverse i.e. darker skin so maybe euro) stopped me wanting me to take picture. I say yeah sure why not. Than I think, wait stop. Who are these people? That I don't know anything about. Maybe they are bush supporters, I do'nt even know. Have ask first before I am going to be taking their picture for them (consider myself very principaled)!

So I say to the couple "Excuse me jsut curious. Did you pull lever Kerry or Bush in this last election just now?" They look confused. Man said "Sorry, we are not American." Then his lady friend (wife? partner? sister? I don't like to assume just incase) added quickly "But we will support your president."

Then I say "WOW you guys relly dropped the ball here this time (gave camera back to man at this point/ was NOT going to take picture) Not only could you have applied for absente ballets (like said on TIWWWB see click here) but foreiners are SUPPOSED to know better than to support current faschist dictator Bush. Have'nt you heard everything about Hallieburton? Didn't you care about Iraqie peoples??" I rellly went off on them. But then.

I mean I was just (mostly) trying to get through to them (and maybe they take wisdom back to their land?) so I did'nt think it was any cause, for hostilaty? But apparantly they did. Foreiners actually flagged down policeperson (was a man but effort to do away with sexist lables here) and I got yelled at. By police! Obviosly I was'nt having any of that and I defyied policeperson to tell me I was wrong (cited many examples of evil bushisms from this and the Iraq War Was Wrong Blog websights) but he just told me to walk away. Walk away from what? I said. From the wrongness of what this entire American nation has become? This is supose to be a Blue state! I say (voice getting higher, was emotional). In the end I did walk away (physiclly but not in principal) but defanitly noticed police people watching me carefully as I did.

Maybe it was foolish (a little) of me to be so brasen in public about my discent (since my house is being under survaleance - saw multiple dogwalkers other day) but I just couldn't help it. I am relly going to try and keep my "cool" better, from now on. Who knows, who is keeping track (of my discent)...

p.s. SODA is anachronism for "Squishing Of Discent Again" more of which episodes can be found at TIWWWB.


Blogger grimace said...

Daisy and other guys too.

I wanted to post my anti-SODA message too (seriously).

When Yahser Arafat died - or in more appropriate description - was killed then brought back to like and re-murdered again (murdered=2 times, unmurdered=1 time)

I was looking at the pic on the newspaper (outside) and I said to someone (she is a girl, but just a frend) I said.

"That looks like my uncle, they way he smiles"

Someone overheard and thoughted I was being funny. And sew they said. "Was he a murder too?" (but sounded mean)

I was hurt and/or confused by that. I told him. "No"

but then I added that my uncle was not anti-semite or a pro-anti-semite (he was just an uncle).

Some people just don't understand. Ex-specially republicans or conservatives.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Dear Daisy,

You have a braver heart than me. I am still staying in my apartment because of that menacing woman, (though I can tell that she is perfactly nice). She thretened me and I am not ascaired, I am just being safe. You understand, I hope.

But, you stood right up to those ingrateful foriegners. Good job, comrade (comradette? , not sure how to acknowlege with Sex diffrences under Socialist Philosophy).


S. Memes

3:40 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

Grimace: I am relly sorry to hear about all that. Dhingers are SO insensative sometimes (well all the time). Why does everything have to be about war and good guys v. bad guys (very western concept can we not just have shades of grey (excepting Iraq war)) to them I say GET A CLUE.

S'Memes: Thank, for the kind words. I am writing you with alternate email. I think (pretty sure anyway if suspiciosn are true) that the secret police have intracepted our emails from previous address and have shut it down (we may here about strange server bombing in morning, who knows with THEM). Contact will be made shortly.

3:51 PM  
Blogger kathianne said...

Just found this site via the Anchoress, sorry don't read Andrew anymore. I laughed so hard I nearly peed. Don't think I can match your spellings, but I'll tri.

8:25 PM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

kathianne: not sure why you laugh? Except at dhinger girl's intolarance for ponchos/burkas in which case not haha laugh but SIGH will she learn ever? laugh.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Grimace. I really hope you see this!
>"Was he a murder too?" (but sounded mean)

I think maybe you heard it wrong. Maybe he meant "a`murder" as in "was he also murdered". Really, we shouldn't think all people are bad.

Best wishes to you and hope this cheers you up.

6:04 PM  

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