Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Potential threat from weather?

So SM (Screaming Memes) is asking if we see anything strange going on. Please keep us updated if you do. I have'nt seen anything militery related, but. O.K. Well I don't want to be alarming anybody? Because the last thing we need, right now, is panicing (improtant to stay calm in trying times). But where I live (in general midwestern America) (am also disguising identity - Daisy not real name) it has been raining ALL DAY. I mean. All day long (or if not raining, overcast and defanitly looking like rain soon). All day long, right after day of the election.

Is this just coincidence?? Or is this Phase One (1) in Bush's faschist plans to control the world?

Here me out.

All day rain right after election. Is highly suspect. I mean, the timing is just too perfect. I believe (have theory, just hypothesis here) Bushes cronies are experamenting in weather control and are already begining to implament technologies which will aid them in their quest to rule the world! Think about it. Just for a second (or more). Consider Storm of X-Men (as played by Halle Berrie in movie): remember how easily she was able to defeat foes by usign the weather to her advantege? How much more power would a crackerjack team of scientists and meteorologists wield for Bush? Gosh. (I am scoffing here) I bet he'd go after France first after techniques are perfected, just because (as everyone here knows) Bushies HATE France, also probably to exact sinister dramatic irony on the classic truism "Everyone loves Paris in the springtime" by causing electrical storms to zap people all over the city. Or somethign like that, I am already thinking of drafting a letter to the French Embassy!

But I am on the case here, defanitly going to do more research (to get facts straight) and get back to you all -- hang in there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Bush goes after Paris that would rune an awful lot of good wine.

But, Daisy, it's har d for me to believe that Bushies have weather machine yet, relly. Weather is the result of a complex confluence of forces (butter fly wings, hurriaines in Japan, ect.) you never relly know what you are stirring up when you stir the pot.

But, I wouldnt put it past the Chimp and his Chimpaires to make an atempt to stoke the fires of global warming. This has all ready had a clear affect on France where many many people died in a horible heat wave (tempertures in excess of 90 degrees for a month on end) . 10000 or 15,000 people died all told in the summer of 2003 because of global warming in France.

So to summerize, Daisy, I think mayb e it is not a "weather machine ", strictly, but instead , what may more genrally be called a "global warming machine."

And Bush has stoked that machine with his tax cuts which take money away from those who would over see the "Global Warning anti project". People at the UN and Amnesty International who fight for our rightes all the time.

This is Bushes evil machination to destroy our world. It isn't so much that he wants to destroy the world pear se, its that he wants to steal our money, by tax cuts (for the rich over 75,000 per anusmm), so that he can loot the world and in the process the world will be destroyed even though that wouldn't be his orignial intent.

He doesn't relly want to rune the world, because what is a world without a world to a Bushie?: Its a place where you can't make money.

Instead, he wants to make money, which is evil.

It might be better to not have a world than to be as evil as Bush is. But that's a nother topic.

10:24 PM  
Blogger moses_gunn said...

HalliBurton! It wouldn't surpise me if they were working on a weather machine.
(proposed brand name : THE REINMAKER 2004)
(not atypo, a pun on rain)
Who needs Kyoto when you can make your own kind of sunshine?

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally Gunn.

You can just imagine that that is what it would be called - The Reinmaker.

4:49 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

moses_gunn: wow, The Reinmaker. I wouldn't be suprised if CERTAIN SCIENTISTS would be reading this even now and think to themselves, "Yes Reinmaker that's it! Perfect name for our sinister contraption" and six months later HallaBurton is trying to market it, only scaled down so maybe you could control weather over something like a city block to insure no rain for a neighborhood boccie ball tournament.

Anonymous: Very interesting thoughts, I'm sure we can all agree that Bush wants to 1) destroy world and b) profit from it. I had'net even heard about all those deaths in France last year. We can probly tac those deaths as direct result of Bush Admin. right on to Iraq (Wrong) War deaths. Which brings it up to? almost a million now? It is pretty high, I think six figures at least. This is what I here, anyway.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want to a larm any one unnesassarily, but I just thought about something.

I realized that Halli Berry might be a goverment agency to, because think about, her name is

Halli Berry

which sounds suspicously like

Halli Burton,

and isnt she marreid to Tim Burton in real life?

I'm just putting it out there.

Thanks for doing this improtant work you guys,


The Ghost Writer

9:43 AM  
Blogger daisythelamb said...

hi The Ghost Writer, I must say we are certianly on the same page here. Just this very morning as I was sorting through my sock drawer (organizing by color and type) I had these very same thouhgts. Halli Berry and Halliburton are indeed, very (striking) similar. I am not sure about being married to Tim Burton (I do know she is unlucky in love (strange for pretty lady) so maybe once? Possible, not sure.) At any rate I think it can be said that Miss Berry should be on our Celebrity Watch List of dhingers/reputzis/supporters of New Bush World Order.

4:37 PM  
Blogger Droolie said...

Please to reference the following comparison: Halli Berry vs the hottie known as Condoleeza. Could they be twins or something - or the same person? Thus, a very hot black chick known to be able to cause ass-slamming Storms possibly already working in the White House.

Most important. Don't panic when you're caught out in the storm. Get inside. Then you can push the "P" button, maybe right after you double up on your meds or something.

(PS: It's a known fact among poultry professionals that the quickest way to lose an entire flock of turkeys is to let them stay outside during a driving rainstorm. Transfixed with fear and amazement, the birds just stand there looking up with their beaks wide open til they drown. Imagine. Bush is a rancher. Cheney, too. Don't think for a moment they don't know about this phenomenon.)

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of crap... I can't believe you guys are SERIOUS about all of this?!!

*shakes head in disbelief*

For crying out loud... Maybe it's cos I'm English: maybe you think differently in America... hate to tell you, but NOBODY is in control of the weather. Unless you count God, which I don't, cos I'm not religious.

You need to get out more if you think people are experimenting with the weather. FFS...

10:37 AM  

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