Saturday, November 27, 2004

Excises in Multiculturism

I was thinking about Thanksgiving theother day (when it was Thanksgiving, had day of) And some relly distrubing things occrued to me. For instance. Ever notice all of the ads on TV/radio/paper for turkeys? Yes of course duh Daisy you saying but Listen. Didn't they seem more prevasive this year?? And taking into consider the Reputzi Regime of Reporbates... mabey you see where I'm am going with this.

(I'll elucidate though) People are all saying that "Iran next Iran next in line for Bush smackdown!" (cultural lesson from TIWWWB: most people don't know this but Iranians not Iranians Iranians Persians) but after this recent display of "festivities" I am fairly sure that the nation of TURKEY is next! Make prefect sense, right?? (actually probly Bush will go after both Turkey and Iran(persia) just because can/wants to)

So in support of all are put apon Muslim nation friends I'm am going to start using terms common to these peoples. For example. When in the morning you say hello you say "sabaah al-khayr" which mean "good morning!" So easy to incorprate into daily speach.

Also in revrence to G(g)od(s), Islams will OFTEN say "God willing" in ARab after anything said. So like this: I relly hope Reinmaker does not cause any more bad snows to happen, chinchilla (said with accent though they pronounce like chin-chil-LAH').

Anyways it's about time I have to go work now (long day not looking forward to) so everybody have a good day, chinchilla!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct (politicley) becaus in my area we have all so been having a lot of commersials with "persian" cats in them.


8:16 AM  
Blogger cloverthe lamb (little) said...

Mek one T-shrit fro you (it fro free)

Mebe could do Turky t-shrit too.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Pastorius said...


I would love a "Peace Turkey" t-shrit.

Thanks you you sweet gentile personhood.

S. Memes

7:24 PM  

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